Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Review - Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleanser


Recently, I was told by a friend, who is an avid Liz Earle user, that she has switched to the Superdrug Hot Cloth cleanser, and her skin has been much better since; so obviously I had to try it out..

I'd heard little rumblings here and there from the blogging community about this cleanser but I do love my Liz Earle one, and didn't think it could be topped - I was wrong.

Ok, so there are so many reasons why it's better than the Liz Earle cleanser..

1 - Access to the product is so so much easier, everyone has a Superdrug near them!
2 - It's only £5.99 for a huge bottle(£9 cheaper than Liz Earle) which is also plastic so when you finish it, you can cut it and get every last scrap of product! Win.

3 - The smell is really lovely and my skin has reacted to it so well. I had a breakout on cheek, and within a day, the cleanser had calmed it down completely and after a few days it had completely disappeared.
4. It comes with albeit not as nice a muslin cloth as the Liz Earle cleanser, but it still does the job and feels soft on the skin, so for the price, you can't complain at all!

I really like this cleanser and would definitely repurchase this product as my skin has looked clearer, healthier and a lot fresher since using it! I would definitely recommend it!

Do you have any skincare raves at the moment? Link your posts in the comments - I have a skincare obsession at the moment!

Thanks for reading!

Charlotte xx

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Review - Bobbi Brown Corrector

Hi guys!

I had wanted the Bobbi Brown Corrector for so so long, as my under eye circles are really dark(no matter how much sleep I get, they always are), and as my exams are looming, I don't think they're about to get any better, so on a recent trip to Manchester, I finally succumbed to the hefty £18 price tag and got my hands on it!

I got mine in the shade 'light to medium bisque' and unusually for me, I got the nicest girl on the counter, she was so helpful and lovely, wasn't too forceful and didn't look down on you at all. Take note beauty counter girls - people won't buy anything if you think your 10000 times better than them, don't be so rude, jeez! The shade is perfect for my skin, and blends in seamlessly.

I absolutely love this corrector, the first time I used it I actually couldn't believe the incredible difference that it made to my under eye area. Not only did it completely cancel out any purpley blue undertones, it lightened the area up, and basically made you look like you've slept for 15 hours!

Some lovely little hairs in there....
I do have to set it with a powder as towards the end of the day I can sometimes see it creasing slightly but it isn't very noticeable at all. I would completely recommend this to anyone who is sleep deprived, or like me, just have dark under eye circles due to the genes(thanks mum!), it does an incredible job and for me, it worth the price tag 10 times over! It's my newest addition to my holy grail products!

Have you tried it?

Thanks for reading!

Charlotte x 

P.S - I've just had my braces off, would anyone be interested in a 'my braces experience etc?'

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Don't Make My Mistakes!

I'm back! Finally!

So I haven't blogged for almost a month... Wowza. I'm going to tell you why my poor decisions led to this..

I think I've mentioned it before, but I'm currently in my second year at sixth form if anyone didn't know, and before you stop reading because I'm about to whinge about how much work I get, I'm not!

After my AS exams in May, I literally did everything that I had dreamt about whilst I was revising for my exams, eat, sleep, watch youtube videos and effectively, do absolutely nothing. Over the summer holidays, we were given quite a bit of A2 work to start, however I found the blogging world, the doing absolutely nothing all day world and kept telling myself I would obviously do it tomorrow...to cut a long story short - I didn't.

I'm a pretty laid back person, I don't get particularly stressed during the exam period etc, I don't really see the point and so as I started back, still with all the work I had from the summer, I wasn't fussed, I would get it done eventually. I'd been told A2 was a huge step up from AS, clearly I didn't listen, who knows why because I had seen how different the past year had been to GCSE's!

I kept getting more and more work - and I kept not doing any of it as I got home, just the bare minimum for homework, because I couldn't find any motivation from the previous year, and I was obsessed with blogging! I think it was late September/early October when I had a bit of a breakdown, I realised how much I had got to do, how behind I was and it made me start dreading going to sixth form. To make it worse, my friends are all super organised, super clever and they were all up to date with EVERYTHING, actually, they were ahead so that didn't help either, it made me feel even further behind.

So I had to stop blogging for a while, I kind of lost sight of why I was at sixth form and why I should be doing this work. I lost sight of the fact that I either need 320 points or ABB to get in Northumbria or Newcastle uni to study BA Geography, which hit me when I went to look round on the open days a few weeks ago, I realised how much I really really wanted to go!

To sum up(!)..
  • Don't be lazy, basically!
  • Whenever you watch tv/blog etc instead of doing work, remember what your goals are after your A Levels, GCSE's, Uni etc.
  • If you do get behind, DON'T PANIC LIKE I DID, it won't help! Make a to do list, and make your way through it, it's so satisfying when you tick something off!
  • If your stressed about school work(I know I'm not at school but it's easier to call it that), take a step back, do something else, and come back to it later, stressing doesn't help.
  • Ask for help! I asked my friend, Beth, for help with a topic in Geography, which I couldn't get into my head, and she spent her lunch break talking me through it, it helped me so much, so don't feel ashamed or stupid for asking for help! 
  • Time management is essential. Don't work all day, every day, have no social life or relaxation! You'll burn out fast. Just don't go out all day Saturday, and then quickly scribble an essay whilst watching X Factor, because that won't help you in the long run, believe me, I've done it enough times!
If you are still reading my rambles, well done! I've rambled on for absolutely ages, but I just needed to vent my frustration at myself for being such an idiot! I've finally caught up with everything now, which is a huge weight off my shoulders, and whenever I can't really be arsed to work or revise, I remind myself of how much I want that place at university - best motivation ever!

I hope this has helped, will help some of you in the future, if you have had this issue in the past, please leave a comment down below so I don't feel like such a loser for getting so behind!

I'm excited to start blogging properly again, although I've learnt better time management skills now so hopefully I can keep everything on an even balance!

Thanks for reading,

Charlotte xxx

P.S I am studying Geography, Eng LangLit and Economics&Business at A Level, so if any of you out there are struggling with something and don't really want to ask a friend/teacher, please email me, I will try and help for sure! <3
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