Saturday, 10 November 2012

Review - Bobbi Brown Corrector

Hi guys!

I had wanted the Bobbi Brown Corrector for so so long, as my under eye circles are really dark(no matter how much sleep I get, they always are), and as my exams are looming, I don't think they're about to get any better, so on a recent trip to Manchester, I finally succumbed to the hefty £18 price tag and got my hands on it!

I got mine in the shade 'light to medium bisque' and unusually for me, I got the nicest girl on the counter, she was so helpful and lovely, wasn't too forceful and didn't look down on you at all. Take note beauty counter girls - people won't buy anything if you think your 10000 times better than them, don't be so rude, jeez! The shade is perfect for my skin, and blends in seamlessly.

I absolutely love this corrector, the first time I used it I actually couldn't believe the incredible difference that it made to my under eye area. Not only did it completely cancel out any purpley blue undertones, it lightened the area up, and basically made you look like you've slept for 15 hours!

Some lovely little hairs in there....
I do have to set it with a powder as towards the end of the day I can sometimes see it creasing slightly but it isn't very noticeable at all. I would completely recommend this to anyone who is sleep deprived, or like me, just have dark under eye circles due to the genes(thanks mum!), it does an incredible job and for me, it worth the price tag 10 times over! It's my newest addition to my holy grail products!

Have you tried it?

Thanks for reading!

Charlotte x 

P.S - I've just had my braces off, would anyone be interested in a 'my braces experience etc?'


  1. Your photos are lovely! & I'd love to try this but my funds can't stretch that far at the moment boo :( xx

    1. ah thank you so much! oh no :/ xmas present?! x

  2. This is my absolute holy grail combined with the MAC pro longwear concealer for my dark circles :)

  3. I really want to try this now! May have to get it next week :) I have quite dark under eye circles and don't have a good under eye concealer! I love the photos with the leaves :) xxx

    1. you need to try it, honestly its so good! use concealer over the top though! ah thank you! x

  4. I really want to try this, everyone seems to be raving about it! Congrats on getting your braces off :)


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