Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Part 1 - Applying to University..


Today I thought I would share something completely different with you and hopefully you can learn abit more about me as I do do other things apart from obsess over make-up..!

I'm currently in Year13 studying my A Levels, which are Geography, Economics&Business and English Lang/Lit and in November 2012, I applied for a BA Geography course to Hull, Leicester, Derby, Northumbria and Newcastle universities.

Now, the first thing that you have to do in order to apply to university is write your personal statement.  Personal statements are an absolute pain in the arse to write; who wants to talk about themselves like they're some kind of perfect specimen apart from an egotistical maniac?! I started off by making a spider diagram of things I could put on there, which then helped me have some kind of structure. It's surprising how much you will have done in your 17 years of living, and seeing as you only have to write a page and abit, it soon becomes a task to actually CUT it down, believe it or not.

My main tip, and the thing that I think is most important in the whole application process is to have a draft done for September when you get back, and then make changes as soon as you can. If you are one of the first people to be doing your personal statement, teachers will do a much more thorough job, will be happier to help and will also mark it quicker whereas if you wait until the last minute, they are going to have seen so many that they are going to be bored, and basically, couldn't care less.

I had my personal statement completed by the start of October and by doing this, I was able get my entire application done for the middle of that month. It's so so so boring yet it has to be done, so you may as well get it out of the way before your tutor starts nagging you endlessly. I got majorly stressed with my application because for some reason, after I had sent my application in the middle of October, my tutor decided to NOT look at it and approve it for 2 GOD DAMN WEEKS whilst in the mean time, I was pulling clumps of hair out day by day.

My application was finally sent off on the 29th October(I think) and within a week, I had my first offer from my first choice, Northumbria, YAY! Before I sent it, my first choice was Northumbria, in the centre of Newcastle and my insurance was Derby. I was so happy when I got all conditional offers back so quickly(I withdrew my application from Newcastle because there was no point waiting for it when I had got both offers from the places I want to go already) accepted so..I'm off to university!!!!!!!! (If I pass my exams, but that ruins the allusion ;) )

Last week, I applied for my accommodation which was really weird and slightly scary; like, in 8 months I'll have moved away from home and be living in Newcastle, it's crazy!

Are any of you going to university this year? Or are you already there? Am I weird to feel nervous/scared/excited at the same time?!

Charlotte xx

Saturday, 26 January 2013

DIY - Transform your notice board!

Hello guys!

Today I'm super excited, as this is my first ever DIY post on my blog. I'm not really a very crafty person but was procrastinating from revision last Sunday, and also thought it would be a great post for my blog, just a little something different from make up talk..!

Beautysets - DIY Transform Notice Board!

STEP 1 - Lay materials out where you want them to be positioned and pinned onto your notice board.

STEP 2 - When happy with how it looks, use the clear/white pins to carefully pin down the materials, making sure that when it stands up, nothing falls off and everything is securely placed.

The hands belong to my helper, my little sister, Maya! Bless!

STEP 3 - Cut 2 pieces of string, 1 longer than the other, and pin these from 1 side to the other, making sure that it shapes like a semi circle and then clip the pegs onto it.

STEP 4 - Add notes on things that you need to do/can't forget; that way it is clearly displayed so you are able to know what you need to do, such as homework, phone calls you must make etc. (plus it will be satisfying when you complete 1 and can take it down!!)

STEP 5 - Add any photographs or cute pictures onto the board, so it's much more personalised, I even added my make up wish list so I can keep adding, and hopefully ticking off, products!

STEP 6 - Stick 2 pink pins into the top of the board, and hang cute decorations off of them to make it look cute!

Voila! There we have it! A super quick but cute way of personalising your notice board and transforming it from boring to cute in less than 20 mins!

Hope you enjoyed it and if you decide to try this out, tweet me a picture of it, my username is CharlotteHallx

Thanks for reading!

Charlotte xx

Friday, 25 January 2013

5 Reasons Why.. Week 3


Today's question is..

Why Do Our Teeth Not Stay Super White?
Picture from Google Images

1) Tea/Coffee/Fizzy drinks/Wine -Now I'm a huge culprit for this. Hi, I'm Charlotte and I drink tea and Coca Cola constantly. These drinks are a huuuuge cause of teeth becoming more yellow toned :( Why doesn't water taste as nice?!

2) Tobacco - Do I need to say anymore? Bit of an obvious one.

3) Brushing too hard - Whilst you think brushing your teeth fast and vigorously is a good thing, it is actually wearing down the enamel on your teeth, which is what protects your teeth from staining in the first place!

4)Certain foods - Foods such as curry, sauces(soy, tomato etc), berries(blackberries, grapes etc) and sweets have major staining potential. Basically any food that stains clothes/carpet, are probably going to stain your teeth!

5) Age - Unfortunately, this is one we cannot control! As we get older(and greyer), the enamel on our teeth wears thin, offering less protection to our teeth against nasty but often yummy foods/drinks!

Hope you enjoyed!

Charlotte xxx

P.S - I have a Mac eyeshadow giveaway ready and waiting for when I reach 200 followers. Make my day and have a cheeky follow?

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Going Disco Inferno..

Hello, hello!

I promise this is my last snowy background post but I sometimes struggle to find good yet pretty places to take my pictures and don't like using a white background all the time as I like to make it a bit more interesting etc even though it looks more professional done that way, I know, I know!

Now this may shock you but...this is my first ever Models Own nail varnish that I have tried...I KNOW! I have been wanting to the MirrorBall collection so so badly since it was released however have used all of my self restraint and not cracked so far; so when a lovely friend bought me this for my Christmas present I was so happy!

This nail polish, named 'Disco Inferno', is an absolutely gorgeous glitter polish with big chunks of gold, bronze, silver and green! I absolutely love putting this over dark nail polishes; recently, I had it over black and it looked amaazing!(I would show you but my nails are currently in a pretty dire condition). About a week ago, I tried to just apply this as a full glitter nail however I would advise against it, as even though the glitter does cover a large part of the nail, it just isn't quite enough alone, and with the many coats I tried, in order to achieve a full glitter nail look, it just went gloopy and just not great.

The drying power of nail varnishes is something that I have a major issue with at times however I found this to dry pretty quickly and it was on my nails 4-5 days without chipping which I was pretty impressed with as it's a pretty affordable nail polish brand at just £5.

Overall, I'm really impressed with this nail polish and cannot wait to try out more. What are your Models Own favourites? Let me know in the comments!!

Hope everyone is ok,

Charlotte xx

Monday, 21 January 2013

A bird? A plane? A snowball? No, it's a Lush bath bomb!

Hello, hello!

Ok, so yesterday I ventured outside, on my amazingly lazy 'snow day', into my snow filled back garden, because I'm a dedicated blogger(or maybe because I wanted to run around in the snow..) to take some pictures with a pretty, scenic background. Fortunately, it was worth it however my toes and nose didn't agree..!

I'm not someone who is obsessed about Lush products however whenever I'm near the shop, I do get sucked in by the amazing aroma and, obviously have to buy something.

This bath bomb is called 'So White' and smells...appley? It literally smells just like apples, citrusy and fresh, not what I would expect a snowball to smell like but I'll go with it! Now, when I used this last night, I decided to push the boat out, and put the whole thing in; and as it happily fizzed away, it slowly turned my bathwater white! Basically, I bathed in amazing smelling milk...and loved it! It isn't too overpowering, yet it's not like some cheaper bath bombs where you don't even notice you've used one. Really subtle yet really relaxing, leaving a gorgeous, fresh scent lingering on the skin!

What are your favourite Lush products? I really want to get into them because I hear so many good things about the brand yet become overwhelmed when I go into the store!

Hope you enjoyed the post!
Charlotte xx

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Update: Snow, dogs and driving!

Hello everyone!

On a cold, snowy night, I felt like sitting down and writing a chatty post about what I've been upto over the past few weeks as I haven't done a post like this in forever.
Disclaimer: It was impossible to get a picture of my dog which actually showed her she may look quite strange! 

1) On 8th January, I passed my driving test!!! YAY! I've been having lessons for quite a few months now, but surprisingly, I wasn't really that nervous! I mean, the night before I couldn't sleep due to nerves but that was it, even on the day I was fine! I think it's because I had convinced myself I had failed, and was just going for the experience just so that there was less pressure but it really isn't as bad as everyone makes out; I was super happy to pass, especially with just 2 minors! woo! 

I'm lucky enough to be driving straight away aswell. I don't know a lot about cars but all I know is that it's a Peugot and that it's blue! That's it! Such a good feeling to just drive wherever I want to go, so much more independence and freedom, LOVE IT!

2) I've applied for my accommodation now at Northumbria university( in centre of Newcastle). I'm so nervous yet so excited at the same time, and I just know that these last few months as sixth form are going to fly by!

3)SNOW. It snowed, yay! Here up north in Nottinghamshire, we only got about 3 inches so no snow days, which for the first time I was happy about due to the misery of January exams, but snow just makes everything so pretty and with a 5 month old puppy, it's hilarious. Jess just runs round the garden and the fields eating and rolling in it! 

4) On tuesday, I will literally scream with relief and excitement that my January exams are over! Mine have been horrible as they'be been spread out over 2 weeks, which is good for not getting stressed about cramming everything in but such a pain when everyone else's literally finished in 2 days. But I just keep telling myself it will be worth it in the end!

Hope you enjoyed this post, sorry it was probably rambly and a bit pointless but anyway! I also really need to tell you, because I'm excited about it, that I just finished doing/writing my first ever DIY POST which will be up on Wednesday, so look out for it!!!!

I'm going to get snuggled up into my dressing gown with a cup of tea, and watch big brother later on(don't judge), hope everyone is safe and happy in the snowy weather!

Charlotte xx

Monday, 14 January 2013

5 Reason Why... Week 2


This week's question is..

Why Does Hair Get Greasy?
Picture from Google Images
1) Hands - Do you keep readjusting your fringe? Smoothing out those fly away hairs? Well try not too because one of the main reasons hair gets greasy is because of the bacteria on our hands being transferred onto our hair throughout the day as we absent mindedly fiddle and touch it!

2) Hormones - Teens are more prone to greasy hair due to hormones changing; so we get mood swings, unpredictable skin AND greasy hair..GREAT..!

3) Hair Products - You know when you put that hair mask on, then a leave in conditioner, a heat protectant spray, oh not forgetting volumising and sea salt sprays etc, that's causing a huge build up of product and crappy stuff in your hair, causing it to become greasier a lot easier. Try not to use 5 billion products on your hair - not washing it for another day and retaining natural oils is more important!

4)Wrong Products - Sometimes, your hair can become greasy quickly because you are using the wrong shampoo conditioner. If you have fine hair, yet are using a heavy, thick conditioner, it is too much for your hair to cope with - it basically gets drowned in the product and it becomes hard to wash off. Make sure you are using the correct products, it's simple yet effective.

5) Products in Wrong Places - Avoid putting conditioner in the roots of your hair; just apply it from the middle downwards.

Hope you enjoyed!

Charlotte xx

Monday, 7 January 2013

5 Reasons Why... Week 1


Ok, so this is the start of a series called '5 Reasons Why' and each week will be a different topic based around beauty and lifestyle. A new one will be up every Monday - I hope you enjoy them!

Today's 5 Reasons Why is..
Picture from Google Images
Why Should You Moisturise?

1) Ageing Skin - I think just about everyone and their mothers know that by looking after your skin now, you are less likely for your face to look like it's been in the bath too long by the ages of 50+!

2) Hydration- If your skin is dry, any foundation or powder will emphasise these patches even more - not a good look. Hydrated skin looks healthier and fresher looking, and feels so much softer and smooth.

3) Protect - As you walk down the street, without even knowing, your skin is being bombarded with air pollution, sun rays and other toxins, so by moisturising your skin day and night, it provides a barrier of protection for your skin against these factors.

4) Stripping oils - When we wash our faces, we are essentially stripping our skin of natural oils therefore by moisturing your skin, it's able to sustain it's correct PH levels and remain healthy.

5) Care - Noone wants unnattractive skin. After all, it's the first thing that people can see, and even if you apply a 5 layers of concealer to that dry, red area or that breakout that just won't budge, isn't it just easier to moisturise at night - you are a lot more prone to getting breakouts and redness. If you care now, you'll be thanking yourself later.

Hope you enjoyed!

Charlotte xx

Friday, 4 January 2013

Review - Mac Plumful Lipstick

Hello, hello!

Basically, whatever product Estee from Essiebutton recommends/loves, I have to buy; it's a necessity ok! So when a few weeks ago, she started raving about a Mac Lipstick in Plumful, I simply had to have it.

Now I'm not someone who wears bright lipsticks a lot, and if I do, I usually dab my lips with it, so it isn't as dramatic because for some reason, I think people think I look stupid(one of my new years resolutions, is to not care about what people think of me as much) but ANYWAY, I'm rambling. When I first looked at Plumful in the tube, I wasn't 100% sure whether I should get it, just because I didn't want to waste money on it, if I wasn't going to dare wear it, however I am literally so pleased I did because it is absolutely gorgeous.

Plumful is, as it's name suggests(!), an absolutely gorgeous plummy pink which is perfect if you have a dramatic eye makeup or are just wanting to jazz a look up, without turning to mandatory nude colours. This lipstick is really versatile, as it can be worn in the daytime or on a night out, and it's a lustre finish, so it's actually pretty shear when applied.

I absolutely love it; it may even be my favourite Mac lipstick so far! Next on my list is Brick O La(another essiebuttton recommendation) and Coral Bliss!

I hope you are all fabulous, thanks for reading!

Charlotte xx
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