Monday, 14 January 2013

5 Reason Why... Week 2


This week's question is..

Why Does Hair Get Greasy?
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1) Hands - Do you keep readjusting your fringe? Smoothing out those fly away hairs? Well try not too because one of the main reasons hair gets greasy is because of the bacteria on our hands being transferred onto our hair throughout the day as we absent mindedly fiddle and touch it!

2) Hormones - Teens are more prone to greasy hair due to hormones changing; so we get mood swings, unpredictable skin AND greasy hair..GREAT..!

3) Hair Products - You know when you put that hair mask on, then a leave in conditioner, a heat protectant spray, oh not forgetting volumising and sea salt sprays etc, that's causing a huge build up of product and crappy stuff in your hair, causing it to become greasier a lot easier. Try not to use 5 billion products on your hair - not washing it for another day and retaining natural oils is more important!

4)Wrong Products - Sometimes, your hair can become greasy quickly because you are using the wrong shampoo conditioner. If you have fine hair, yet are using a heavy, thick conditioner, it is too much for your hair to cope with - it basically gets drowned in the product and it becomes hard to wash off. Make sure you are using the correct products, it's simple yet effective.

5) Products in Wrong Places - Avoid putting conditioner in the roots of your hair; just apply it from the middle downwards.

Hope you enjoyed!

Charlotte xx


  1. Yes, I remember getting awfully greasy hair after messing with it constantly! I've never really been one for using many products at a time and I'm all for skipping a day if I can. Gosh, I'm so lazy!

    Great post :)

    Louise x

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    1. yeah i just got a fringe so keep touching it and it gets greasy every single day, so annoying! thanks x

  2. This was very interesting and insightful! x

  3. Oh really interesting, nice to know about the hands!



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