Monday, 7 January 2013

5 Reasons Why... Week 1


Ok, so this is the start of a series called '5 Reasons Why' and each week will be a different topic based around beauty and lifestyle. A new one will be up every Monday - I hope you enjoy them!

Today's 5 Reasons Why is..
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Why Should You Moisturise?

1) Ageing Skin - I think just about everyone and their mothers know that by looking after your skin now, you are less likely for your face to look like it's been in the bath too long by the ages of 50+!

2) Hydration- If your skin is dry, any foundation or powder will emphasise these patches even more - not a good look. Hydrated skin looks healthier and fresher looking, and feels so much softer and smooth.

3) Protect - As you walk down the street, without even knowing, your skin is being bombarded with air pollution, sun rays and other toxins, so by moisturising your skin day and night, it provides a barrier of protection for your skin against these factors.

4) Stripping oils - When we wash our faces, we are essentially stripping our skin of natural oils therefore by moisturing your skin, it's able to sustain it's correct PH levels and remain healthy.

5) Care - Noone wants unnattractive skin. After all, it's the first thing that people can see, and even if you apply a 5 layers of concealer to that dry, red area or that breakout that just won't budge, isn't it just easier to moisturise at night - you are a lot more prone to getting breakouts and redness. If you care now, you'll be thanking yourself later.

Hope you enjoyed!

Charlotte xx


  1. That's a really good post - I m guilty of skipping this step quite often. I've been pretty good this year so far so hopefully I remember to keep this up and don't end up looking like an old sailor when I'm older x

    1. haha yeah once you get into the routine of it, it's not too bad to keep up! x

  2. Great post. So true. I cant go anywhere without a quick moisturise! I must admit im not good with moisturising my body but trying to moisturise more! x

    1. i'm exactly the same, it takes too long!! x

  3. Oh a great idea for some posts and I agree completely, I moisturise everyday



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