Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Going Disco Inferno..

Hello, hello!

I promise this is my last snowy background post but I sometimes struggle to find good yet pretty places to take my pictures and don't like using a white background all the time as I like to make it a bit more interesting etc even though it looks more professional done that way, I know, I know!

Now this may shock you but...this is my first ever Models Own nail varnish that I have tried...I KNOW! I have been wanting to the MirrorBall collection so so badly since it was released however have used all of my self restraint and not cracked so far; so when a lovely friend bought me this for my Christmas present I was so happy!

This nail polish, named 'Disco Inferno', is an absolutely gorgeous glitter polish with big chunks of gold, bronze, silver and green! I absolutely love putting this over dark nail polishes; recently, I had it over black and it looked amaazing!(I would show you but my nails are currently in a pretty dire condition). About a week ago, I tried to just apply this as a full glitter nail however I would advise against it, as even though the glitter does cover a large part of the nail, it just isn't quite enough alone, and with the many coats I tried, in order to achieve a full glitter nail look, it just went gloopy and just not great.

The drying power of nail varnishes is something that I have a major issue with at times however I found this to dry pretty quickly and it was on my nails 4-5 days without chipping which I was pretty impressed with as it's a pretty affordable nail polish brand at just £5.

Overall, I'm really impressed with this nail polish and cannot wait to try out more. What are your Models Own favourites? Let me know in the comments!!

Hope everyone is ok,

Charlotte xx


  1. Nice!! :)

  2. I really like the snowy back ground, i want this nail polish so much it looks really pretty x

  3. Good price - and sooo pretty and glittery <3
    Lovely post a good read and very pretty pictures!! <3
    Lots of love from

  4. Love a models own polishes, so I will need to check this out, great review



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