Saturday, 2 February 2013

5 Reasons.. Why Can't I Sleep? #4

Hello everyone!

This weeks question is..

Why Can't I Sleep?

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1) Over thinking - I am a major culprit for doing this! I'm really tired so I get into bed and suddenly I have a million thoughts and problems that I must resolve or tasks that I need to do the next day. Something that has helped me is before you go to sleep, write in a notebook, or even in the notes section of your phone like I do, everything that you are thinking about, even something as trivial, such as that you need to print a piece of work out tomorrow morning. It puts your mind at rest and makes getting to sleep easier.

2) Television - Ok, I do this too. Try not to watch TV immediately before you go to bed, even if it is just 5 minutes inbetween you going to sleep. This is because your mind is stimulated whilst watching whatever television programme it may be, especially something like Made in Chelsea, where you shout at the tv because SPENCER IS SUCH AN IDIOT!!

3) Clockwatching - In the night, if you wake up and immediately look at the clock, this is getting your body into a bad habit and suddenly, it will train itself into waking up at that time every night, which gets seriously annoying!

4) Caffeine - An obvious one but we drink this to wake us up so it wouldn't be the best idea to have a cup of coffee and a bar of chocolate before you go to sleep!

5) Sleeping Environment - Is your room in darkness? Are you comfortable? Although these may seem like really obvious, simple things, you would be surprised how much of a differences turning your tv or landing light off, or getting more comfortable pillows, makes!

Hope you find this helpful!

Charlotte xx
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