Thursday, 29 August 2013

Thursday Thoughts #1 - Tips On Surviving A Levels


Today is the start of my new series 'Thursday Thoughts' where I basically ramble on about a certain topic, hopefully providing at least a couple of helpful tips, or comfort you in the knowledge that 'hey! you aren't alone in *insert topic/feeling*.. Hope you enjoy!

I've finished my A Levels and thankfully, achieved grades that have gotten me into university, even giving myself a heart attack that I actually got an A* in Geography(?!) - literally crazy but this post isn't to ramble about my grades, or tell you how crap/amazing/easy/difficult A Levels are, because each person has different experiences, but I want to give you advice which I wish I'd been given before I started!

1 - Study - If you aren't willing to work hard, don't do A Levels, there's no point. From yr12 to yr13, the year group halved because people who didn't want to work, didn't get the grades. Don't go to sixth form because all your friends did, so you don't want to be left out; go to college, get a job - just remember that in 10years time, you probably won't even remember these friends' names! A levels are nothing like GCSE's, so if you think that you can do a couple of hours revision the night before and still pass, you're probably going to be disappointed.

2 - Give yourself a break! - When exams rear their ugly head, and you are thrown into the torture of revision, it's ok to have a break. I put so much pressure on myself to revise for hours every day, but sometimes my brain just didn't want to work and nothing I revised went in and at that point, you need to put the pen down, back away from your desk and give yourself the day off, however guilty you may feel.

3 - Procrastination - This is the bane of my life. I would even tidy my room instead of revising with the excuse 'I can't work in an untidy space' which = complete bullsh*t! Try not too, it's such a bad habit to have but if you do, think to yourself, 'when I get my results, will I know I've tried my best?' or, a personal favourite of mine to get my arse into gear, think of how shit it feels to fail or get a worse than expected grade; really shit right!

3 - Highlighters - These pieces of stationary will be the most valuable thing you own in the 2yrs of your A Levels...seriously. My geography teachers, always gave us so many too many sheets/booklets/powerpoints of essential/extra information and actually, we probably needed like 1 or 2 facts from each piece(I swear I was solely responsible for destroying the rainforest with the amount of paper I had at the end of each year!) so instead of wasting 4 hours going through each sheet, get into the habit of - skim read, highlight, copy up, file...because I didn't at first....and oh jesus christ I wish I had because in a couple of months before my exams I had so much information, my brain just went FIDGBNSR;ONVF  STOP!

4 - Teachers aren't always right - In yr12, I only managed a C in 2 of my business exams and I was super disppointed but my teacher wouldn't let me resit them because she told me 'you won't be able to achieve higher than that..'...seriously! In yr13, I thought to myself, no, I want to try and achieve higher and I know that I can so even though she didn't approve of it, I retook both exams in the January and came out with 2 B's so if you know that you can do better, and you want to prove it to yourself and others, then don't let anyone stop you or get in the way, go for it!

5 - Clear the calendar in May - Quit the social life a month before your exams. It seems drastic but you have the whole summer to do whatever you want, whenever you want so just for these few weeks, say no to that trip to Nandos and do 2 hours revision instead, you won't regret it in August when you get your results, promise.

6 - Organisation isn't the be all and end all - I'm going against what pretty much everyone says here but I'm the least organised person ever, I hardly ever filed a piece of work and I never used my school planner but hey, I still did well and got into university so don't fret! Just make sure you have 1 place where you write all your notes, keep on top of homework/essays/revision, and you'll be fine.

7 - When you learn best - A key thing for me when it came to revision was, working out when I learn/revise best! It's so important to do because for me, mid afternoon/evening was where I was most productive so I arranged my days around those times and I got sooo much done(most of the time).

Woah, that was a super long post, so well done if you're still here! There's probably loads more that I've missed off but basically, work hard, stay focused on your goals and don't give up!

If anyone has any other tips, please leave them in the comments!

Good luck!!!

Thanks for reading!

Charlotte x

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

University Homeware Haul


So for those of you who don't follow me on twitter, I got into university! Yay! On results day, I actually had an operation, so it wasn't your typical celebrations, neither was the rush next day to go shopping for the long list of things you need! As I'm almost fully recovered now, I wasted no time in getting my list sorted and my shopping shoes on and seeing as I am becoming slightly obsessed with homeware, I thought I would show you the first trips successful purchases(minus the boring kitchen crap!).

This picture sums up my love of orange. It's literally my favourite colour and at home, my bed is full of blankets and cushions so I want to make my university room as warm and cosy as possible, in the hope that it quickly feels just like 'home'.. The owl cushion was £4 from Home Bargains, and the orange cushion set of 2 was from Primark for £5. BARGAINS.

I'm on a tin collecting rampage at the moment, found this in my grandma's kitchen, nabbed it and am going to store maybe my lipsticks in here..? I'm not sure, if you have other suggestions please leave a comment!!

 Ok, these cute little Cath Kidston esque tins were my bargain of the day, I was loving life when I picked this set up for 99p(!!) from Home Bargains! So pretty and I'm thinking the perfect size for bobby pins, hair bobbles and then miscellaneous pens etc, which obviously I have plenty of as a geography student..all we do is 'colour in' right...?

I wanted a little corkboard to pin a couple of photos/pictures from home, a few quotes I love and then reminder notes in the hope that one day, I can achieve the skill of organisation.. I think it was like £3 from Wilkos. My bedding is also from Wilkos, because I'm so upper class obvs, and I am obsessed with the black and white pin striped one! Sooo nice, and I think both will go really nicely with my orangey themed cushions and cream blanket! Both were £7-7.50ish.

My mum bought me these silver dog and cat photo frames for my little pets that I'm actually going to miss more than my human family members!! I can't believe I won't see them every day, will be so weird to not live around animals.. They were £8.95 each from local boutique.

I decided to show you some boring kitchen crap, to make sure you weren't going to sit me down and tell me that I can't live on/cook with blankets or cushions..or tins..or photo frames.. so along with glasses/dinner set/toilet brush(!), my mum picked up these kitchen utensils for me. Not quite sure what most of them do but hey, I'm about to find out!

The pop up laundry basket which is FLAT PACK, so cool, was from Primark for £3, didn't really need it but hey..

The cute cupcake tea towel was like 99p from Primark aswell, because obviously I'm all about washing up..!

This tin is my life. I put cutlery in it, just to make it look useful because I don't actually know what I'm going to use it for but I just love it! I'm not even 100% sure why but it was 89p from Home Bargains, shoot me..

I drink a ridiculous amount of tea, so living without a place to put the teabags, instead of the actual bin, would be an absolute travesty right! Plus the pattern matches my tumbler glasses(not in the picture) so it was a necessary purchase..

If you want me to show you things I bought that are actually important, if you like me are on your way to university like me, leave me a comment down below to let me know and I will definitely do that! Also let me know if you would like to see a uni room tour when I've settled in :)

If you have a homeware haul, PLEASE link it below, I'm becoming obsessed and need to read it!

Hope you enjoyed!

Charlotte x

Thursday, 22 August 2013

'Youtubers on Tour' Rant!!


Ok so this is my first rant post, which is quite unbelievable because I love a good old rant/debate as my poor friends have to endure quite a lot..! But yeah, this morning I was going through my normal sad routine of checking twitter, instagram etc and I came across the 'Youtubers tour the USA' and I could not believe my eyes when I saw that this was going to cost fans actual money to MEET people off youtube? I mean, WHAT?

The tour includes 6 well known youtube people, including Casper Lee, Zoella, Alfie, Marcus, Tanya and Jim and even though I love all 6 to bits, like their channels are on my must watch list, I'm disappointed that this new found 'fame' seems to be going to their heads as they start charging viewers to meet them. These tickets are not providing any entertainment - it's not like Luke Conard etc who are actually performing - no, viewers are paying to meet and take pictures with, lets be honest, 6 normal people who film videos in their room! 

I just feel like they earn so much already from their viewers, and because of this they literally have a dream lifestyle; flying several times a year to the US, invitations to premieres and amazing opportunities have arised for many of them through their youtube channel. I do think that they deserve this; they have clearly worked really hard on building their channels up, providing good quality, interesting content however I think they are taking the piss with this new 'venture'. Go to the US, meet viewers but surely don't charge them $99 for a 'VIP' ticket, especially when the majority of them are young teenage girls that have probably not got a job of their own yet?! It's taking advantage and I think it's just getting a tad ridiculous; it's like they're celebrities but even they don't charge people to meet them, at things like book signings etc?!

Anyway, I need to breathe, sit back, have a cup of tea and hope that there is someone out there that agrees with me slightly..if not....oops!

Thanks for reading!

Charlotte x

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Review - YSL Touche Eclat + dupe!


I went to Turkey a couple of weeks ago, which meant one thing, flying from an airport i.e duttyyfreeeeee shooppiiinnggg!! I decided to lose my YSL virginity and pick up a lipstick(review coming soon) and the famous touche eclat because duty free = guilt free because make up is cheaper so technically I'm saving money by buying products(that I don't actually need), right!? 

First of all, the packaging is insanely beautiful, like I've never felt so good putting a product on as I did with this; it's just so glamorous and shiny(!)! The tip applicator is very soft, although I was expecting that with the £20 price tag, and using the button pump to get the actual product out, applies the concealer smoothly and evenly under the eyes.

I feel like I was expecting too much from this product, as if it was suddenly going to transform me into Kim Kardashian or Miranda Kerr so even though actually when I first applied it, I felt slightly 'meh' about it, after a few more tries, I have realised that it does do a great job with its actual downfall being that its just so hyped up! 

I got mine in the shade '2 Luminous Ivory' and with the Bobbi Brown corrector underneath, it provides a good coverage on my nasty dark under eye circles, without looking cakey or creasing - something I've had great difficulty finding with the corrector - whilst highlighting my under eye area to give my face an 'ommph' as well as making me look like I'm a lot more awake than I actually am!

 I do love this concealer/highlighter/corrector alot and I know I will be gutted when it runs out however will I repurchase? Probably not. For the retail price of £25, it's just so much money, especially on my student budget(thats more than 1/4 of my weekly allowance!!) and I think the drugstore are doing such a good job of making some great dupes of it, especially the Collection 2000 one which I have used up and just adore, with it only being 1/10 of the price!

Have you tried this product? What did you think?

Thanks for reading!

Charlotte xx
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