Friday, 13 September 2013

University Homeware Haul #2


So I'm continuing to spend money on different things for university, it's so crazy how much you need - or it's just showing me how much I take for granted in my own house which is actually quite humbling! Yeah anyway, I thought I'd show you more of the things I got, without the boring stuff like a wok..or a toilet brush..

*sorry for the crappy background pictures, I've packed up most of my things now so it's abit bare and ugly!

Due to the teeny tiny wardrobe, I decided to be organised(for once) and buy a storage drawer set, from family bargains for 12.99 and I'll probably be keeping clothes that I can't squeeze into the ridiculously small space we have for clothes!

This modern, white lamp was an absolute steal from Store 21 at 4.99 and I thought it would be perfect for my bedside table, although I did almost forget to buy bulbs so that would have been a slight issue if my mum hadn't come to the rescue, how will I live without her?!

This sleek John Lewis alarm clock was very kindly sent to me and it was such perfect timing as it was next on my list of things to buy! This is the Newgate cubic alarm clock is quite small, so perfectly sized to put on a bedside table and it means I'll never oversleep for a lecture...Yay...

My mum bought me this little box to put..stuff(?) in - I'm thinking hairgrips/bobbles although I don't know why because they constantly go missing anyway! This picture was from 10yrs ago and my navy velvet playsuit is VERY sexy...

This suuuuuper cute storage box is from TKMaxx and I love it - it was a gift from my auntie for my 18th which she filled with Soap and Glory, Nails Inc etc so for the trip up to Newcastle, I carried this on...

Ok, I cannot get over how much I love this storage box - way more than I should when it's literally a box. If you are looking for nice homeware stuff and have a Store 21 near you, GO IN - they have such nice stuff and it's so inexpensive! This atlas themed box was only 7.99 and seeing as I'm about to start studying for a Geography degree, I had  to buy it...

After all that hard work of moving all my crap from the car..up the the flat(I'm tired thinking about it!) so a cup of tea and lots and lots of biscuits will be needed..well think about all those calories I'll have burnt walking up the stairs!!

As you're reading this, I'm travelling upto Newcastle to move into halls; I'm so excited but also crapping myself abit aswell, OH GOD WHAT AM I DOING!!

Charlotte xx 

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