Saturday, 26 October 2013

University Room Tour


Thought I would share my room at university with you today; this is the first time ever I've been able to have all my things in one place, as my parents are seperated so I was really excited to finally have everything together. I was super homesick in the first week especially, so I tried to make it quite cosy and homely, and a place that I enjoy being in..

I'm at Northumbria university, and have an single bedroom with ensuite, however a bathroom 'tour'/post is coming up soon..

p.s sorry for picture quality/lighting, I do possible have the darkest bedroom everrr..

i know my heart is wonky :( cba to change it now tho, it will do..
why do i have a map? i'm studying geography, its not just chilling there for no reason
this picture is ridiculously bad, im sorry(that owl thing is my kindle btw, and the clock is from John Lewis)

HOW COOL ARE THOSE PENS!! - my everyday makeup is in the betsey johnson bag on the left, post coming soon..
another really bad quality picture, my bad. 
i havent actually put any photos in those photo frames yet... the tin has all my nail polish in, post?
jewellery and shiz, post?
the least said about this drawer the better..and i wonder why im not super slim..
ooo cheeky, bathroom tour coming up!!
Hope you enjoyed my little room tour, its not amazing but I quite like it - I need a few finishing touches but to be honest, I'd rather spend money on food.. I realised that I forgot to show you my wardrobe..but its so dark and messy anyway that it's probably a good job I didn't!

Any post requests, please leave them down below :)

Charlotte xx


  1. Ooh it is so lovely, much better than my room when I was at Uni x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. This beats my room at Uni hands down! Looks lovely and homely :D


    1. ah thank you! wanted to make it feel cosy and welcoming xx

  3. your room is so gorgeous! it is seriously so cute :)

    have you checked out my latest post?

  4. I Love your room!!
    I've just uploaded a tour of my own Uni room: xx

  5. Lovely room!! I love the heart photo display on your wall!! Very creative!!

    Great post and a lovely blog!!

    Katrina X

  6. Your room looks good! It's always hard to make rooms look homely in halls but yours looks great. I've just posted about my uni room, take a look :) xx


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