Sunday, 10 November 2013

Current TV Addictions


 Hi I'm Charlotte and I watch an unhealthy amount of crappy television..

I swear there isn't a reality show, a soap or an american tv program that I haven't watched...I'm that today I'm going to share my current favourite shows that I can't go a week without missing. I'm going to start and do posts like this a bit more now as due to student life, I can't really afford to buy excessive amounts of products to buy, test and review all the time :(

1. Hollyoaks -

I haven't watched this soap for about 4yrs, however 2 of my flatmates at uni watch it and in literally a week of being there, I was hooked again! The acting is mostly shocking, I mean I really don't know how some of these people actually earn a living out of it, but it's such an easy watch, which is what I like, I really don't want to have to use my brain to follow a program! There's always something dramatic happening, and unlike soaps like Coronation Street etc, the buildup isn't so long that you get bored of watching - plus, I love Dodger(a person in it) so much, when they made out he'd died in that explosion the other week, I actually cried, anyone else..or just me? I do cry at literally every program I watch so it's not really saying anything about the actual show(!) but what is, is the fact that I haven't missed an episode since I started watching again in September!
Where to watch it - Channel 4

2. Gossip Girl -

So I'm about 5yrs behind with this series - I know - but when this first started airing I was slightly too young to be interested in it and after that I could never find anywhere to watch it from series 1 so as soon as I began a Netflix subscription, I immediately started watching and I'm addicted. I'm just about to finish series 3 and I just love it - I want Blair Walforf's life, it upsets me that I'm not her..! If you like 90210, One Tree Hill etc, then you will love this - it's a typical American teen show which is easy to follow and a scandal always round the next corner without being too OTT or unrealistic(I want that life to be my reality please!!)
Where to watch it - Netflix/Lovefilm

3. Home and Away - 
Ok, so whoever I mention it to that I watch this religiously gives me the weirdest looks but I don't even care, I love Home and Away so much, I haven't missed an episode for about 2yrs! The storylines are always really good and even in between climaxes of different stories, it's never boring! At times the acting is dodgy but I love the accent so much that I don't even care.
Where to watch it - Channel 5/Youtube channel - Demand5

4. Made in Chelsea -
I love MIC so so much and after every episode I'm sat in a state of anger most probably because of Spencer or Jamie 99% of the time and I always am so excited for the next show! I actually can't stand most of the characters, apart from Stevie, Andy and sometimes Lucy; don't even get me started on how insane Louise actually is or how much of a dick Spencer is because I will be here all night. It's a crappy reality tv show about rich people who don't live in the real world and all sleep with each other, but it's an addictive program and once you start watching, you're hooked.
Where to watch it - E4

5. Orange is the New Black -
When I first started watching this, I felt abit uncomfortable with the lesbian scenes and stuff, just because I usually stick to 'perfect life' programmes like 90210, Gossip Girl etc but this program is so different from anything else out there at the moment, and so so good. The main cast is pretty much all females, which is unusual in itself for a tv program, however each character has such a good story behind them, and I love Piper, even though she gets herself into complete shit at times! I cannot wait for the 2nd series of this to come out on Netflix and recommend it so so much - the 1 word that this series cannot be described as is boring!

Where to watch it - Netflix

Do you have any tv recommendations? I want some new programs to watch now winter is approaching and I begin to hibernate!

Thanks for reading!

Charlotte xx

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Review - YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in Peach Passion


So today I wanted to review a lipstick that I actually bought in July however because it's the most expensive lip product I've ever owned(by far) so I don't actually use it that much just because it's basically like gold dust..

I purchased this lipstick in shade #13 'Peach Passion', in duty free at the airport, along with the YSL Touche Eclat which I have reviewed here because I always feel a lot less guilty for splurging due to the slightly cheaper price and had been eyeing this shade up for such a long time!

It's an absolutely gorgeous peach colour which is really opaque and the slightest application onto the lips gives a full on colour so even though it cost around £20ish, it's so pigmented that it will last soo long. As soon as you apply this lipstick, it immediately feels so luxurious - it glides on perfectly as it has a beautiful soft and buttery texture and leaves a gorgeous, sheen on the lips which makes me want to go and buy every single YSL lipstick ever created in the world, and actually shows how average Mac lipsticks are! The smell is also soo good - it's a very summery mango-orange scent and is actually so nice I want to eat it!

The packaging of the YSL lipstick is insanely amazing, with the lipstick wrapped in a golden bullet with colour coordinating panels in the middle, and is one of the products that you are dying to pull out and apply in public just so you can show off how gorgeous it is and I actually think that even when I finish this lipstick(I'm already mourning the loss..) I will keep the packaging just because I don't think I can bring myself to throw it away!

What are your favourite shades? I really want to put a couple on my xmas list!

Thanks for reading!

Charlotte x
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