Monday, 30 December 2013

Book Review - The Fault in our Stars by John Green


Hope everyone has had a lovely and relaxing Christmas!

On Christmas Day, I have my own little tradition where in the evening I buy a book on my kindle to read over the next couple of days where it's basically a law to chill and eat chocolate(!) and this time I chose 'The Fault in our Stars' by John Green..

What is it about?
Without ruining the whole storyline, it's basically about a girl, Hazel, with terminal cancer, how she lives with it, as well as how the people around her live and cope with it and tells the story of how she falls in love with a boy, Augustus Waters who has beaten cancer. 

Reaction -
This book is one of the most emotional, sad and heartbreaking books I've ever read. I will say that the huge hype around the book doesn't actually do it any favours as I think that people, including myself, expect so much from the it then that it will never make up for it however even so, it's a brilliant read. I feel like the twist towards the end is extremely unexpected, which I like as usually the chick lit novels that I normally read, are ridiculously predictable allll the time. It's a very sad book, that really makes you think about your own life and how we all take little things like running up the stairs, just completely for granted. 

The actual plot of this book is not dramatic or tension building, but the way that John Green writes as the voice of Hazel, with the detailed descriptions of her life and what it's like to live with the fact that she knows she will die sometime soon in the future, is what makes it such a heart rendering story. The relationship she has with the other main character, Augustus, is beautiful and I cried so much at the end, my mum came into my room and thought there was something genuinely wrong with me!

A beautiful book which has made me think about my life in a completely different perspective; fully recommend it to anyone out there who hasn't already!

If you like these kind of posts, please let me know and I will continue writing them; I love reading so it would be great to share my thoughts with you - it could even turn into a mini book club? Let me know!!

Leave comments sharing your thoughts on this book; did you enjoy it or cry as much as me!?

Charlotte xx


  1. I have this on my Kindle to read, I just havent got round to reading it yet x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. definitely make it your next read, its amazing!! x

  3. I have a Kindle but keep buying paperbacks, doh! Need to start using it xx

    Quite Frankly She Said - UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. i do this alllllll the time!! only just started using my kindle recently, handy for train journeys! x

  4. This is going to be my next read (after a lot of people encouraging me to pick it up). Hopefully I won't be disappointed! x

    1. you definitely wont! such a beautiful book x


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