Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Tag!

Here's a Christmassy post on a cold Christmas Eve..

1. What time of the year do you start your Christmas shopping?
Literally anytime really - probably mid November as I like to have bought most, if not all of them by the start of December so that I know how much I can spend on myself hahahaah. I don't buy them that early to be organised as I leave wrapping until the last minute and then have a mad panic on Christmas Eve - happens every year, you'd think I'd learn..

2. Do you have any festive recipes that you limit to just Christmas time?
This may sound weird but I only drink hot chocolate at Christmas! I buy the Malteaser hot chocolate, as I don't  like it when its super rich and sickly, and then get marshmallows and squirty cream and oh my god, it's just soo good(and probably a good job I don't have it all year round as I'd be the size of a house!)

3. Tell me how Christmas goes down in your house..
Well my parents are divorced so ever since I can remember I have spent Christmas Eve with my mum's side of the family, and my mum, sister etc go up to my grandparents farmhouse, and all of my aunties, uncles and cousins come and we sit in front of the huge open fire and have a lovely night and are allowed to open 1 present as a treat! Then on Christmas day, my little sister wakes up suppperrr early, I have lunch with my mum and then at 3pm, my dad picks me up and I spend the rest of Christmas day with my dad's side, which is much smaller but my stepmum makes the most incredible food and I love my Christmas day even though to some it may seem slightly bitty and dysfunctional! Hey, who says having seperated parents is all bad, 2 Christmases..

Do you have any Christmas traditions?
Not really apart from going to my grandparents for a family gathering on Christmas Eve!

My grandma sent the half of my advent calendar that I was still at university for up to me :)
5. Do you have a favourite festive coffee?
Absolute all time favourite Christmas drink is the Toffee Nut Latte from Starbucks, oh sweet lord its so good. Also loving White Hot Chocolate from Costa this year, when I'm not in the mood for coffee!

6.What's your favourite Christmas song?
Hands down Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You!!

7. What's your Christmas wrapping strategy? Do you have one?
Up until last year, my wrapping resembled something of a 5yr olds handiwork. I've definitely got better over the past couple of years, I even use ribbon and bows etc now(I know, crazy..)because I think as you get older you begin to appreciate the care someone has taken to wrap your present, and probably actually begin to appreciate that thoughtfulness rather than the actual present itself so I've begun to put a lot more effort into how I present people's gifts.

At the Newcastle Christmas markets
8.What's your dream gift this year?
I don't really have one, I actually haven't even asked for anything this year so whatever I do receive will be a complete surprise!

9. Describe your Christmas Tree - artificial or real? How is it decorated?
At uni, it was a cute small one with gold and red baubles and warm white lights as we didn't have a lot of room but at home, my mum decorates the artificial tree every year in gold and red - it's almost like a symbol of home because it's the same every year. My dad used to get a real one every year but instead we donate the money to charity.

10. Do you decorate just the tree or the whole house?
The whole house, it isn't Christmas without it right?! Apart from I'm not a fan of huge amounts of garish lights on the outside of houses, so we just have warm white icicle ones.
Our Christmas tree in halls at uni
11. What do you wear to Christmas parties and on Christmas day?
I don't particularly have a specific thing I wear to parties? On Christmas day I like to dress up in something nice, its a special day so I love to sit and take ages to do my makeup and hair etc, if you can't do that on Christmas, then when can you!!

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into my Christmas!

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year!!

Charlotte xx

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