Tuesday, 21 January 2014

a day in the life - a country walk

After my exams finished last Thursday, I caught the train home to have a relaxing week at home with, well I would say family, but basically my dog..! After my first semester at university, living in a city has made me realise how much I have taken living in the countryside for granted, especially the peace and quiet as I don't think there's been a moment of complete silence in my accommodation in Newcastle the whole time I've been there, what with 768 ambulances an hour going past our street end! On the walk I've done so many times with my dog, instead of just walking on and not taking any notice of my surroundings, I decided to take pictures and live by my new motto, 'collect moments, not things'..

It was nice to just go out, and as bad as it sounds, not talk to anyone, not hear anything but the birds singing and get some fresh air! As much as I love Newcastle, sometimes it is just nice to go back to what you've known for so long, and by experiencing living in a city, appreciate my surroundings much much more!

The most mischievous dog I've ever known, clearly she thinks shes some kind of monkey with the amount of jumping she does from 1 thing to another..!!

This is my favourite picture of the lot, such a nosy dog!
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