Sunday, 26 January 2014

current tv addictions

How I'm currently wasting my time, and what I'm watching whilst hibernating in bed, hoping the cold weather and the idea of the gym being a good idea...disappear!!

Real Housewives of Orange County

I do love a good crappy reality show and this definitely lives up to expectations, but even though they're such whiny middle aged women, I'm addicted! It amazes me how 6 women, who must literally use up all of the botox in the whole of America, can cause and create so much drama between themselves, I swear they have never actually left high school with the crap that they argue about but I still love it - I have to get me itv2 fix every day and seeing as I only have 8hrs a week at university, I never miss a single one(not something to be proud all!). I can't stand Vicki, anyone that calls themselves 'the party' and 'the fun' needs a punch in the face and Alexis as well, Jesus, does she actually think anyone believes that her husband isn't a sexist, controlling pig? They're all so hypocritical and I love how they all hop from 1 to the other, all thinking they're friends with people when actually they basically all hate each other!
Where to watch it - ITV2 @ 4:10pm


I've only just started watching Revenge over the past 2 months, after it was recommended from so many of my friends. The first 2 series were absolutely amazing, I was addicted - I think me and my flatmates watched the first series in the space of a week! As the series have gone on though, I don't actually like Emily? I feel like the audience are meant to love her, but she really pisses me off, like seriously, let it go! Nolan and Aiden are by far my favourites, although I can't get enough of Victoria's evil, fake smile, absolutely hilarious! I'm currently on series 3, epi7 and I feel like stuff is about to happen, but I hope they don't ruin it like Pretty Little Liars and drag it out a series too long...
Where to watch it - E4 Monday 9pm, Netlix,WatchSeriesUs

Coronation Street

Oh. My. God. This past week's Corrie has been so emotional, I can't even cope with it! I don't think I've ever cried so much at a soap at Monday's episode, I was sobbing! I love Hayley and Roy, they're so cute and I just can't cope with Roy's sad face, I just want to hug him! Even though it's only a soap, it's like they're a real couple in real life, I'm so pathetic it's unreal but when I saw them on the NTA's, it actually made me happy to see them together again...I need to go and get a life, Jesus Christ..
Where to watch - ITV1/ITV Player

What have you been watching this week?

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