Thursday, 30 January 2014

January Favourites 2014

I haven't done one of these for soo long, but I've been trying to rotate products a little more this month, so hopefully these will now be a recurring monthly post..

Radox shower gel in Passion Splash - I absolutely love the Coconut version of this - in fact, this whole range from Radox are amazing! 'Passion Splash' contains 'sunny passion fruit and tangerine oil, which smells incredible, sweet but fresh and it lingers on the skin all day! It's currently £1 in Wilkinsons, absolute bargain.

Sweet Cecily Witch Hazel Toner - This has completely cleared up my skin and clears off any lingering make-up that hasn't been swiped by my cleanser, I have done a full review,  here!!

Marc Jacobs Oh Lola! perfume - For some reason, even though I've had this for about a year, I've never actually used it until this month and I am seriously regretting that now because it is fabulous! It's a flowery, sweet scent which is actually very subtle and so great for daily use, plus the bottle is so cute, definitely keeping it after I finish it, just for decoration..!

MUA Love Hearts lip balm in 'Sweet Kiss' - This month I cleared out a lot of my lip products and am trying to get more use out of neglected products and this is an absolute pearl of a find! It's a great lip balm for days when lipgloss/stick is too much effort, but you still want to look put together, as it leaves a subtle nude sheen to the lips which is super flattering on all skin tones in my opinion. It's ridiculously cheap, with a huge amount of product and isn't drying in the slightest, win!

L - MUA lipbalm, R - Revlon lipbalm
Revlon Matte Lip Balm in Elusive- This new release just had to be included in my favourites because oh my god, I am in love with this range and literally want every shade!! I have written a full reviw on the matte and lacquer balms here and I am also GIVING AWAY one of the matte lip balms! Have you entered?

YSL 'Shocking' mascara - This is a holy grail mascara, no doubt about it. Having wanted it for so long, I was so pleased when I received it as a Christmas gift and it has not disappointed at all! The wand is very thin and has bristles instead of plastic, which I love as I think it grabs the eyelashes and curls them a lot more, and holy crap, it really does live up to it's name as with literally 2 applications, I have long, voluminous and full on spider eyelashes which I loooooove! It did take me a couple of days to get used to it however, as at first, the formula was quite wet and therefore it was going quite clumpy but like most mascaras(and wine..and Gary Barlow..), it's gotten better with age! The price is ridiculous and does put me off but the packaging is beautiful and the mascara seriously is incredible, the best I've ever ever used!

What were your favourites this month?

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  1. Ooh that shower gel really does sound amazing! I'm trying so hard to resist the new Revlon balms hehe

    Jennie xo |


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