Wednesday, 8 January 2014

obsession of the week #1

This is a new series of posts I thought I'd write as a weekly 'thing', sharing the product, app, book, food etc I've obsessed over that week.. Hope you enjoy!

Dangerously, I've gotten back into tumblr and even though I should've been using the time I spent wasted on tumblr, revising..I somehow have found myself thoroughly obsessed, going through pages and pages of inspirational quotes, pretty pictures of food and books and bedrooms, health and fitness photos, you know the drill..

Going to share with you some of my favourite pictures I've found this week..

if anyone knows where you can get this/seen it any shops please let me know, i loove it!

Please leave your tumblr links in the comments, I hardly follow anyone!
my tumblr -

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  1. I also get really addicted to Tumblr (and tea) whenever I should be revising or doing an assignment! All these photos are lovely :) I absolutely loveee that journal and definitely need to invest in one myself - I'm not sure if this is an exact copy as the colour looks more faded, but it looks pretty close if its any help:

    I found one that looks identical here, but its an american site:

    Emma x


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