Saturday, 25 January 2014

obsession of the week #3


Since I've been home for the last week or so, I've had a not so little shadow following me around the house, wherever I go.. I've always grown up in a house with pets, so it's weird at uni not to have any loitering around, whether it be a cat sleeping on the end of my bed or a dog constantly nudging it's favourite toy onto my leg because she wants to play!

I miss her a lot whilst I'm at university - it's not like I can give her a quick ring or call her on Skype call like my parents and yes ok, I am a huuuge dog lady! Am I the only person who talks in a different voice to my pets? Yep, ok, great, just me..

I love having a dog just because they're always soo excited to see you - although when I first came back last week, she was in such a mood with me for leaving her, such an attention seeker!

If you haven't seen my posts on Jess when she was a little dot, click here and here! She was soo cute!

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