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part 2 - my first semester at university

My first semester at university had its ups and downs for sure, and it definitely wasn't an easy ride so I thought I would share with you my experiences and tell you why this was definitely, the moment that mattered in 2013 with this post being an entry in Hannah and Lloyd Bank's competition..

I got into my first choice, Northumbria University and so on September 13th, my mum and I packed up my things and drove to Newcastle. I look back and know that at that point, I completely underestimated how huge this step was and I feel like that's maybe one of the reasons why I found my first week at university, probably one of the worst of my life! To say it was an emotional week was a complete understatement! I would say, no joke, I cried about 4 times a day, rang my parents at least twice a day and thought about quitting around 6 times a day! My family is very close, and so I found it difficult to suddenly not see them every day, and realised how much I took for granted. If you want to know how I felt in my first week in more detail, I wrote a post about my homesickness a few months ago, just click here

Halloween 2013
After a shocking first week at university, I did begin to see the light, especially as the awkwardness, that is obviously going to be there for a while with flatmates, began to subside and a friend from where I lived, by complete coincidence, lives in my flat too which was really lovely for those low moments, so I began to settle into life at university. There are 4 girls and 2 boys in the flat, and for the first few weeks, the girls especially, made an effort to get to know each other better, with little things, like all eating tea at the same time and watching tv in the kitchen at night instead of disappearing into our rooms, which 100% made us become closer and I love the other 3 girls so much, I would definitely now class them as my closest friends. The house for next year is already sorted, with 7 girls sharing; the house is so lovely - traditional and homely - and I can't to sit on a sofa that isn't like sitting on a rock *ahem like halls* and to be able to have baths and candles again, it's the little things in life..!

Newcastle is a great city, I absolutely love it! It's got so much to offer, but nothing is 'too far away' - everything is just so close together, especially as my halls are pretty much right in the city centre, which is always good when you only have your own feet for transport! ewcastle is also on the main train line, like my home is, so even though it takes 1hr 40mins to get home, there's commonly no changes so it's so easier to travel home which is one of the main factors that I took into consideration when I was choosing universities - I'm a home bird, I can't help it!

Carnage night out
 My course, BA Geography is ok,  although I know I will enjoy it a lot more next year, when I can choose my own modules - the sooner I can get rid of the 'physical' module the better, aint nobody got time for rocks n' mountains.. I have just had my first set of exams, which, *touch wood* went ok, and wasn't nearly as hard as I had prepared myself for! I have a couple of friends on my course who are lovely and definitely destressed and told me to put.the.revision.down when I was getting stressed so it's nice to have support from all directions.

I do still miss my family, and my pets especially seeing as I can't just ring them up and have a chat, like my mum, dad etc and so I do still find that part of university life quite hard, but it's so much easier to handle now I enjoy going back to my flat to see the girls but when I come home for weekends etc, the 'catching the train and saying goodbye' is hard and yes..I do sometimes still cry! 

Flat Christmas Meal
University has already taught me so many life lessons - 
1 - Cooking is actually pretty easy to do, and quite enjoyable!
2 - Even though I feel uncomfortable in situations where I don't know people, I can actually make friends on my own, yay!
3 - Sometimes life isn't peachy but giving up is definitely not the person, if I had quit like I so soo wanted to in that first week, I know that would be a huge regret in my life, if not the biggest so I'm glad I stood my ground and got myself through!
4 - Family are always, always there for you.
5 - Dogs don't like it when you leave them so proceed to sulk for the first hour when I come home(!)

I won't bore you anymore with my ramblings but hope you enjoyed it!

What were your memories of your first semester at university?

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  1. Ooo I'm a fellow BA Geographer - or at least i was (I graduated in 2008) and studied in Newcastle too - although at your universities closest rival over the road! I know what you mean about dropping the physical modules in second year, I carried on with a couple (water related ones) but the rest tended to go over my head.

    I loved living in Newcastle, it's such an amazing city with so much to see and do, you can never get bored. I still miss it - both the student life and the city itself!

    Enjoy university life though - it goes all too fast!


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