Wednesday, 15 January 2014

REVIEW | Sweet Cecily Witch Hazel Toner

My Skin Type - I have sensitive skin, therefore I have to be so careful on the products that I use on my skin as it literally breaks out and flares up at anything, and it's been a loong road trying to find a skincare routine that my skin not just doesn't break out at, but also soothes and diminishes redness, spots and under the skin blemishes which I am prone too. I have never had acne but my skin has never been completely clear for the past few years..

I discovered the 'Sweet Cecily' brand at the Country Living Fayre and bought a gift box including a moisturiser, clay mask and toner for just £15, with the toner sold separately at £6.50. This toner is especially for problem skin, with the whole range from this brand made of natural ingredients, which is great as I knew it wouldn't be the cause of my skin breaking out and as I always seem to have blemishes popping up here, there and everywhere, I thought I'd give it a go!

I apply the toner on a cotton wool pad, after I have cleansed with the Liz Earle cleanse and polish, sweeping it across my face, morning and night. The smell is particularly strong, however witch hazel is known for it's strong smell but also fantastic effect to soothe skin, and this is no exception. My skin has almost completely cleared up, and had done within a week of using this toner twice a day and looks so much healthier and hydrated. Not only this, but by using a toner at night especially, it really makes you realise how much is still on your skin, which the cleanser has not removed so by deep cleansing my skin, my skin appears much less clogged up.  

I absolutely love this toner - it has such chic yet cute packaging, in a metal tin bottle and screw top, and looks so much more expensive than it actually is, which is always a win!

It currently has 10% off too, so if you are interested, click here!

Thanks for reading!
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  1. this looks great! i love the screw top as well :-) xo

  2. this sounds great! My skin has been really problematic over the past couple of years, and recently even products sold specifically for sensitive skin have been causing it to flare up and burn. I'm still looking for a skincare routine that works for me and recently have been turning to more natural products to try and help x

    1. my skin has been exactly the same!! even brands like simple just don't work for me! i think natural products are the best way really, and it makes sense for your skin not to have to come into contact with unecessary chemicals anyway xx


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