Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Serena Van De Woodsen Dream.. #1

I was extremely late to the 'Gossip Girl' party having only almost finished series 4 and in every.single.episode, I just want to be Serena and I am so desperate for her wardrobe I would do literally anything to get my hands on even one outfit that she wears..

Due to my complete obsession, I thought I'd do a little outfit post on a typical Serena outfit, and weep at how I'll never look like her... Enjoy..
Beautysets - The Serena Van de Woodsen Dream..

The Serena Van de Woodsen Dream.. with BaubleBarManolo BlahnikMarc by Marc Jacobs

This is my dream spring-summer outfit - I wish it was acceptable to wear heels in the day wear I live..or that I could walk in them well enough to pull it off..

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  1. Aahh, I love Gossip Girl, I was so sad when it finished! I'm rewatching the entire series now, just finished season 2 :) Serena definitely has my favourite style on the show, although I also love Jenny’s! That outfit is definitely something S would wear :) x
    Megan xx

  2. i know i'm delaying watching it because i just dont want it to end! i think i was put off jenny's outfits because i didnt actually like her character, haha!


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