Wednesday, 26 February 2014

10 Things I Took For Granted Before University!

Since I've been at university, I have not only learnt a lot about myself, but I have also realised just how much I had taken for granted whilst living at home so thought I would compile a list..

1. The price of cheese - ..SERIOUSLY..does cheese have pieces of gold dust in it or something? I feel sorry for my mum with the amount of it I used to use up without even batting an eyelid, I just don't understand.

2. The price of food in general - I go round Morrisons, get my essentials of chocolate, cheese, wine and..chocolate.. and suddenly it's totted up to about £70. I don't even want to think about how much money I've spent on food in 6 months, supermarkets are just ridiculous!

3. Cooking - I seriously salute my mum and stepmum for coming home after a full days work and then cracking on with making a full on meal every single day. If you've had a home cooked meal tonight, 1) Go and thank whoever made it and 2) I'm so jealous of you..

4. Washing - I swear you put your clothes in the dirty washing basket and it automatically gets put in your wardrobe, clean and ironed...right?

5. Mouldy milk - The amount of cups of tea and bowls of cereal I have wasted because I haven't checked to see if the milk is still ok, being responsible is so annoying.

6. Washing up - This has the same role as washing clothes right? Just leave it on the side and it'll end up being back in the cupboard all clean and ready to use the next day.. Obviously we don't let it build up so we can't use the sink..pfft..

7. Family - This took some getting used too because family are just always there aren't they.. Don't need to hug them or tell them how much you appreciate them because they're just always..'there'..hmm, I'm glad I realised just how much I love them and how much they do for me now.

8. Friends - You go to school, see them every day, repeat. I've definitely learnt who my real friends are now I don't see them all the time..

9. Changing bed sheets - biggest ball ache ever.

10. Wifi - I pay £115 a week in halls and yet they can't provide me with wifi? Sorry didn't realise we were living in 1997.

Now I'm hoping I wasn't just a little dick when living at home and that you can relate to some of these..leave down below in the comments what you took for granted before university!

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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Home Decor Wish List

Hi, my name is Charlotte and I am home decor obsessed..

It's actually becoming quite a problem, and it isn't getting better as the time comes closer to when I move into a house for my 2nd year at uni, it basically means that I have an excuse to buy new things for my room etc. I like to have quite plain and simple bedding so then I can buy other decorative bits without worrying if they'll clash and both the bedding and the throw is currently on offer in's meant to be! I've been loving BHS for home things for about a year now, they have some reeeally nice things, which my bank account does not appreciate.

I love posts like this, and don't see them around very often so I thought I would share with you what is currently on my home decor wishlist(I've actually asked my friend for the mugs for my birthday *granny alert*..) 


If you have done any posts like these, please leave a link below - I LOVE them!

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Friday, 21 February 2014

read and reviewed| The Silver Linings Playbook #5

The Silver Linings Playbook is an endearing read, written from the distorted view of the main character, Pat, who, after coming out of his time in a mental health facility, finds himself surrounded by his family who won't talk about his estranged wife Nikki, encourage him to commit adultery with a weird girl called Tiffany and on top of that, his American football team keep on losing!!

I read this book in less than 2 days, it was absolutely brilliant. I immediately loved Pat, going through a cycle of sympathy, captivation and laughter at his slightly off perspective of life. The book is so so well written, it flows so smoothly and easily and I thought he touched on mental health in a fantastically subtle, yet brilliant way as at times this book was extremely dark and really, very sad.

At times it had a little too much American football in it, and I feel that could definitely have been cut short slightly, as I did find myself kind of flicking over some parts on it, but that is literally my only criticism. I LOVED the ending - it really finished off this 'feel good read' perfectly and I now can't wait to watch the film!

Do you have any book recommendations - I need some new reads!

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

REVIEW | L'oreal Color Riche Collection Privee Lipsticks

As I was repurchasing my holy grail foundation, L'oreal Lumi Magique, on Sunday, I came across their new(ish) range, the L'oreal Color Riche Collection Privee lipsticks and immediately fell in love with both Cheryl and Julianne's nude shades..
The limited edition range is basically so that any woman can find their perfect nude shade, with there being the perfect lipstick for each skin colour, hair colour etc and have used iconic females, such as Eva Longoria and Cheryl Cole to promote them. I think this is such a great idea as I think the UK drugstore is definitely lacking in the subtle and easy to match too, nude lip shades.
 I immediately fell in love with Cheryl's shade, which is 'Barely Greige', and this is the colour that suits me the best. It is the ultimate 'your lips but better' shade, offering a subtle pinky brown sheen to the lips. I also really liked Julianne's shade, and even though I am not as pale as her, I can't get enough pinky nude lipsticks so it was basially necessary that I purchased this one aswell.. Julianne's shade 'Barely Peach' is a peachy pink, very cute and girly and I would probably say is the perfect nude for people with light hair. 
I have heard whispers that the scent has really put people off wearing them, but as I'm actually sat here sniffing them to see what people are meaning, I don't really find it that offensive? It definitely has the 'grandma' scent to it, but as long as it's not stale wee, I'm good to go..! It has a talcom powder like smell, but scents of products don't particularly bother me really, although if you are sensitive to medium-strong scented products, I would probably give these a miss. 
L - Cheryl R - Julianne
The lipsticks from this range that I have tried are sheer, basically the exact opposite to a cremesheen by Mac for example, although in my opinion, this makes them even better as I can wear them everyday without feeling too overdone and can easily apply them without a mirror, win. They are at the pricey end of the drugstore scale at £8.19, but currently in Boots they have a 'buy 1 get 1 half price' deal on all L'oreal products, the perfect excuse to try these bad boys out.

L'oreal have really been impressing me lately and I can't wait to try more of their products out - what are you're current L'oreal favourites?

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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Mac Lipstick Collection

My wish list has only been ticked down so far, and student living has definitely taken it's toll on buying pretty but unnecessary lipsticks, but I thought I'd share with you my Mac lipstick collection...

I actually haven't bought these lipsticks myself, as I just can't seem to part with £13 for a lipstick just for no reason but it being pretty and from Mac, (YSL on the other hand....) so these have been kindly gifted by family and friends at birthdays etc..

L-R - - -
Hue -
- Colour - an easy to wear, peach nude, very subtle so perfect for daily use and not nearly as pigmented as a cremesheen lipstick.
- Formula - leaves a gorgeous and chic glossy finish, however you do need to exfoliate the lips before application as if not it will highlight any dry patches you have.
- Staying power - Hue is a glaze formula therefore doesn't stay on the lips longer than a couple of hours so does need to be reapplied throughout the day.
- Opinion - absolutely love this shade, I actually prefer this over Creme Cup, as I feel like it suits my skintone a lot more and is subtle so doesn't stand out too much when wearing it in the day.

L-R - Hue, Creme Cup, Please Me, Coral Bliss, Plumful
Creme Cup -
- Colour - a light pink nude shade, with blue undertones, very pigmented.
- Formula - Creme Cup is a cremesheen formula, therefore very creamy and moisturising.
- Staying power - As it is so creamy, I do find it can transfer when eating and drinking, and it can also slide too so after a couple of hours I do find myself having to reapply.
- Opinion - This was my first Mac lipstick and I absolutely loved it, however now I find it is just too light a pink for me, as I've really gone off that kind of shade on the lips as I feel like sometimes it can wash me out and make me look fake. I do love it when I am going out and have a bold eye look on, but for every day it is too light for me.

Please Me -
- Colour - a beautiful muted rosey pink
- Formula - Please Me is a very pigmented matte shade so I have found that it clings to any dry patches I have on my lips so exfoliating before use is definitely needed, slightly drying
- Staying Power - With it being a matte formula, this actually stays on for a long time, I would say around 4-5hrs.
- Opinion - I have neglected this lipstick a lot, I literally don't think I've worn it more than 5/6 times but whilst swatching it for this post I realised how pretty it really is! Will definitely be wearing this more, however always with a lip balm underneath as it is quite drying which is its only downside.

Coral Bliss -
- Colour - gorgeous vibrant yet wearable coral colour; a light coral/peach shade
- Formula - a cremesheen plus pearl formula (although I don't see much shimmer in this at all really), very pigmented, moisturising and creamy sheen to the lips
- Staying power - requires quite a lot of upkeep for a brighter colour; have to reapply every couple of hours.
- Opinion - absolutely love Coral Bliss - it's as bright as I go with lipsticks but is still subtle enough that it doesn't really stand out, the perfect pop of colour for summer

Plumful -
- Colour - medium plum shade, cool undertones; is much more pink as opposed to a red plum colour.
- Formula - lustre finish, sheer but buildable(swatch below is of 3 swipes) and allows natural lip colour to come through.
- Staying power - not fantastic, fades after around 2hrs but worth the upkeep for the colour it gives in my opinion.
- Opinion - absolutely love it, my all time favourite lipstick! The perfect autumn/winter plum shade!

Hope you enjoyed the post - what are your favourite Mac shades?

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read and reviewed | The First Last Kiss by Ali Harris #4

The First Last Kiss is a beautiful story, as Ali Harris takes the reader on a journey through Molly and Ryan's various kisses in their relationship. The story travels from the past to the present, although for the first 100pgs I did find it quite confusing as it skips backwards and forwards to different dates and I found myself going back to the last diary entry/chapter to see when that was, however it is very well written.

This book is heartbreaking in so many ways because not only can so many people relate to the ending of the book, as unfortunately it is so common nowadays(I'm not ruining the book, so I'm not telling you what I'm referring to..!) but I in particular really felt like I had things in common with Molly, the voice of the book. Through her teenage years she really struggled to like and accept herself and was constantly looking for the worse in everything and even though she has so much that is good in her life, she is left wanting more so when her life becomes fulfills, fiiiinally, it's just so sad that it all gets taken away from her.

Even though from reviews I have read, everyone said they were crying for the last 30% of the book, I actually and very very surprisingly, didn't! If you ask any of my friends or family, they can all tell you that I am literally emotionally unstable when it comes to tv programmes and books but I think because it was obvious something heartbreaking was going to happen, going by the title. the blurb, and also the 'present day' part of the book, I had kind of set myself for it so I only shed a few tears, although it was ridiculously sad, don't get me wrong!!

I actually feel like The First Last Kiss has altered my outlook on life slightly - we should never take things or people in our life for granted, and instead of looking ahead for the next thing, and comparing your life to others,  strive for what you want to achieve and just be happy with the deal we have been dealt.

I give this book 4/5.
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Friday, 7 February 2014

Are Reality TV Stars Really Role Model Material?

The most recent article I have written for my university magazine, Nu:life...

In a survey recently carried out, results show that just over 70% of the UK's population watch reality tv programmes. The result is unsurprising as reality shows now make up a huge proportion of the shows on our screens. In the past five years there has been a reality 'explosion' with shows such such Made in Chelsea and Geordie Shore having worldwide success. The Only Way Is Essex has even won a Bafta award - but as entertaining as these shows may be for millions of people, are these the people we want the younger generation to be looking up to?
Until a few years ago, young people looked up to David Beckham and Beyonce - genuinely talented individuals - however these has been a shift and, whether we like it or not, 'reem', 'shat aap' and 'tashin on' have been introduced into our everyday vocabulary. The new attitude towards becoming a successful celebrity is that you need to be thick and talentless. Surely this is an awful culture for young children to be brought up into?

I agree that, to a certain extent, watching Joey Essex make up words such as 'confrontate' and Charlotte Crosby(Geordie Shore) wetting the bed is amusing and makes somewhat entertaining and easy to watch television, which I am very very guilty of watching, but has it gone too far, as young teenagers begin to see these 'celebrities' as genuine role models? Years ago, children aspired to be doctors and nurses and yet now we live in a culture where inappropriate behaviour is awarded with an ever increasing bank balance, millions of followers on social media and a lifestyle fit for a king.

On the other hand, is it actually an extremely clever way of doing very little to achieve huge success? Almost every reality star now has their own shop, night club or clothing range - cashing in on their 15 minutes of fame and who can blame them? Maybe it is not the reality stars themselves that are the real issue here, but the huge demand for these types of programmes? With millions of people watching worldwide, copying hairstyles, phrases and behaviour of these tv stars, when will this idea of talentless fame ever end?

Or will it? What do you think?

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Monday, 3 February 2014

read and reviewed | Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn #3

Gone Girl is an international best selling psychological thriller, released January last year and was talked about by everyone, so I decided, seeing as I'm currently trying not to judge a book by it's cover and stay safe, I'd give it a go..

Amy and Nick are in a marriage which has gone stale, so when Amy disappears and all the evidence suggests that her husband was involved in her murder and the cover up, the reader is taken on a journey of surprising twists and turns, cleverly written from two points of view by the author, Flynn.

I was expecting a lot from this book with rave reviews and huge selling figures however I was left extremely disappointed. In some parts of the book, the story just doesn't go anywhere, with unnecessary digressions which really spoil the book as a whole as I actually just started skim reading parts as I was becoming bored. You go through this whole book, which at some parts, is quite shocking and interesting, however I was expecting an explosive end, something extremely dramatic and what I got was just weak and very disappointing. I really feel like I wasted my time reading this book - it at no point made me want to read 'just one more chapter' before bed and I actually was having to force myself to read it just so I could finish.

This was a disappointing read for me, after the hype surrounding it unfortunately although it was nice to read a book where you genuinely did not know what was coming next!

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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Popular Posts of the Month #1

In case you missed any of my posts this month, or just didn't get round to scrolling down through your Bloglovin feed very often, here are my top 5 posts from January..

1. Revlon Matte and Lacquer Lip Balm Review - the giveaway to win the matte lip balm in 'Striking' is still running!

2. How To Make Money Without A Job - perfect for students!

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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Healthy Smoothie Recipes

I've been absolutely loving making smoothies for the past few weeks, especially as it's a super tasty way of getting your recommended daily fruit intake and is a healthy alternative to that can of coke or packet of crisps that you'll snack on, as I find them really filling too..

Banana and Peanut Butter Smoothie -

This is my absolute favourite! I chop up 2 small bananas, a desert spoonful of peanut butter and a glass of skimmed milk, whack it all in the blender and within 30 seconds, you've made yourself a very tasty and rather healthy smoothie. I use organic wholemeal peanut butter because it doesn't have nearly as much sugar as the normal version, and if you have some upcoming exams, essays or assignments, peanut butter is a great thing to have as it's proven to be really good when you're trying to study - what a great excuse!

Banana and Blueberry Smoothie -

This is extremely healthy and is slightly more sour than the banana and peanut butter smoothie. I, again, chop up 2 small bananas, half a packet of blueberries and a glass of skimmed milk, put it in the blender etc. I left this in slightly longer as I wanted the blueberry seeds to be properly blended and this is the perfect smoothie to make after you've worked out at this gym. I'm always so hungry when I've worked off, and probably just put all of the weight back on that I'll have burnt off so this healthy alternative to a cuppa and some biscuits is working for me an absolute treat!

I'm going to the market again this weekend so I'm hoping to get some different fruit to try out, I really want to get ingredients for the green juice! If you have any recipes/suggestions, please them in the comments below!

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