Wednesday, 26 February 2014

10 Things I Took For Granted Before University!

Since I've been at university, I have not only learnt a lot about myself, but I have also realised just how much I had taken for granted whilst living at home so thought I would compile a list..

1. The price of cheese - ..SERIOUSLY..does cheese have pieces of gold dust in it or something? I feel sorry for my mum with the amount of it I used to use up without even batting an eyelid, I just don't understand.

2. The price of food in general - I go round Morrisons, get my essentials of chocolate, cheese, wine and..chocolate.. and suddenly it's totted up to about £70. I don't even want to think about how much money I've spent on food in 6 months, supermarkets are just ridiculous!

3. Cooking - I seriously salute my mum and stepmum for coming home after a full days work and then cracking on with making a full on meal every single day. If you've had a home cooked meal tonight, 1) Go and thank whoever made it and 2) I'm so jealous of you..

4. Washing - I swear you put your clothes in the dirty washing basket and it automatically gets put in your wardrobe, clean and ironed...right?

5. Mouldy milk - The amount of cups of tea and bowls of cereal I have wasted because I haven't checked to see if the milk is still ok, being responsible is so annoying.

6. Washing up - This has the same role as washing clothes right? Just leave it on the side and it'll end up being back in the cupboard all clean and ready to use the next day.. Obviously we don't let it build up so we can't use the sink..pfft..

7. Family - This took some getting used too because family are just always there aren't they.. Don't need to hug them or tell them how much you appreciate them because they're just always..'there'..hmm, I'm glad I realised just how much I love them and how much they do for me now.

8. Friends - You go to school, see them every day, repeat. I've definitely learnt who my real friends are now I don't see them all the time..

9. Changing bed sheets - biggest ball ache ever.

10. Wifi - I pay £115 a week in halls and yet they can't provide me with wifi? Sorry didn't realise we were living in 1997.

Now I'm hoping I wasn't just a little dick when living at home and that you can relate to some of these..leave down below in the comments what you took for granted before university!

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  1. My boyfriend is in Uni and when I go vist I am just shocked at how he lives etc It is scary how much I take for granted!

    Emily xx

    1. yeah it's really crazy how much i took for granted - massive reality shock xx

  2. This really made me chuckle! I have to seriously ration my cheese now I pay for it myself. I remember the good old days of staying in halls and paying enough to be on a five star cruise but my internet was via a cable not wifi.
    And 11. The bins at home magically take themselves outside to the big bin and a clean bag is left in their place....

    1. omg how could i forget the bins!!!! absolute bane of my life hahahah x


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