Friday, 7 February 2014

Are Reality TV Stars Really Role Model Material?

The most recent article I have written for my university magazine, Nu:life...

In a survey recently carried out, results show that just over 70% of the UK's population watch reality tv programmes. The result is unsurprising as reality shows now make up a huge proportion of the shows on our screens. In the past five years there has been a reality 'explosion' with shows such such Made in Chelsea and Geordie Shore having worldwide success. The Only Way Is Essex has even won a Bafta award - but as entertaining as these shows may be for millions of people, are these the people we want the younger generation to be looking up to?
Until a few years ago, young people looked up to David Beckham and Beyonce - genuinely talented individuals - however these has been a shift and, whether we like it or not, 'reem', 'shat aap' and 'tashin on' have been introduced into our everyday vocabulary. The new attitude towards becoming a successful celebrity is that you need to be thick and talentless. Surely this is an awful culture for young children to be brought up into?

I agree that, to a certain extent, watching Joey Essex make up words such as 'confrontate' and Charlotte Crosby(Geordie Shore) wetting the bed is amusing and makes somewhat entertaining and easy to watch television, which I am very very guilty of watching, but has it gone too far, as young teenagers begin to see these 'celebrities' as genuine role models? Years ago, children aspired to be doctors and nurses and yet now we live in a culture where inappropriate behaviour is awarded with an ever increasing bank balance, millions of followers on social media and a lifestyle fit for a king.

On the other hand, is it actually an extremely clever way of doing very little to achieve huge success? Almost every reality star now has their own shop, night club or clothing range - cashing in on their 15 minutes of fame and who can blame them? Maybe it is not the reality stars themselves that are the real issue here, but the huge demand for these types of programmes? With millions of people watching worldwide, copying hairstyles, phrases and behaviour of these tv stars, when will this idea of talentless fame ever end?

Or will it? What do you think?

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  1. I'm glad I'm in the 30% that doesn't watch reality TV - I find it mindless and that in parts it seems like they celebrate being dumb or at seeming to be dumb - I guess maybe they act up for it - grab everything they can and then try and get serious. Maybe I'm too cynical, but i won't be switching to watching the shows any time soon.


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