Sunday, 9 February 2014

Mac Lipstick Collection

My wish list has only been ticked down so far, and student living has definitely taken it's toll on buying pretty but unnecessary lipsticks, but I thought I'd share with you my Mac lipstick collection...

I actually haven't bought these lipsticks myself, as I just can't seem to part with £13 for a lipstick just for no reason but it being pretty and from Mac, (YSL on the other hand....) so these have been kindly gifted by family and friends at birthdays etc..

L-R - - -
Hue -
- Colour - an easy to wear, peach nude, very subtle so perfect for daily use and not nearly as pigmented as a cremesheen lipstick.
- Formula - leaves a gorgeous and chic glossy finish, however you do need to exfoliate the lips before application as if not it will highlight any dry patches you have.
- Staying power - Hue is a glaze formula therefore doesn't stay on the lips longer than a couple of hours so does need to be reapplied throughout the day.
- Opinion - absolutely love this shade, I actually prefer this over Creme Cup, as I feel like it suits my skintone a lot more and is subtle so doesn't stand out too much when wearing it in the day.

L-R - Hue, Creme Cup, Please Me, Coral Bliss, Plumful
Creme Cup -
- Colour - a light pink nude shade, with blue undertones, very pigmented.
- Formula - Creme Cup is a cremesheen formula, therefore very creamy and moisturising.
- Staying power - As it is so creamy, I do find it can transfer when eating and drinking, and it can also slide too so after a couple of hours I do find myself having to reapply.
- Opinion - This was my first Mac lipstick and I absolutely loved it, however now I find it is just too light a pink for me, as I've really gone off that kind of shade on the lips as I feel like sometimes it can wash me out and make me look fake. I do love it when I am going out and have a bold eye look on, but for every day it is too light for me.

Please Me -
- Colour - a beautiful muted rosey pink
- Formula - Please Me is a very pigmented matte shade so I have found that it clings to any dry patches I have on my lips so exfoliating before use is definitely needed, slightly drying
- Staying Power - With it being a matte formula, this actually stays on for a long time, I would say around 4-5hrs.
- Opinion - I have neglected this lipstick a lot, I literally don't think I've worn it more than 5/6 times but whilst swatching it for this post I realised how pretty it really is! Will definitely be wearing this more, however always with a lip balm underneath as it is quite drying which is its only downside.

Coral Bliss -
- Colour - gorgeous vibrant yet wearable coral colour; a light coral/peach shade
- Formula - a cremesheen plus pearl formula (although I don't see much shimmer in this at all really), very pigmented, moisturising and creamy sheen to the lips
- Staying power - requires quite a lot of upkeep for a brighter colour; have to reapply every couple of hours.
- Opinion - absolutely love Coral Bliss - it's as bright as I go with lipsticks but is still subtle enough that it doesn't really stand out, the perfect pop of colour for summer

Plumful -
- Colour - medium plum shade, cool undertones; is much more pink as opposed to a red plum colour.
- Formula - lustre finish, sheer but buildable(swatch below is of 3 swipes) and allows natural lip colour to come through.
- Staying power - not fantastic, fades after around 2hrs but worth the upkeep for the colour it gives in my opinion.
- Opinion - absolutely love it, my all time favourite lipstick! The perfect autumn/winter plum shade!

Hope you enjoyed the post - what are your favourite Mac shades?

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  1. We have such similar tastes, I have so many there! Think I am going to add Please Me onto my wishlist!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. ahh really! i really don't like lipstick shades that are too bright, tend to play it safe haha! please me is a really pretty matte shade xx

  2. I love the look of 'Please Me' x

  3. 'Please Me' looks gorgeous! I love the colour 'Ruby Woo' - stays on really well as it's matte, and it's a beautiful red colour :)

  4. I have hue and love pairing it with really deep smokey eye make up :) xx


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