Wednesday, 23 April 2014

April Shower Walk..

One of my favourite things to do when I'm back home from university, is to take my dog, Jess for a walk. As a labrador/collie cross, she has so much energy and thankfully, we live in the countryside, so she has the freedom to run around to her heart's content - even if that does mean she comes out with a yellow stained head after zipping through all the rape fields.. 
I also love the peace and quiet when we go out into the fields - no sirens, no car engines - just the odd squawking pheasant/duck that gets unsettled and then chased by a certain black dog... As silly as it sounds, it really clears my mind, with revision stress, money(or lack of it)problems; it just makes me so much less overwhelmed and mazzled by it all.
I'm loving doing more lifestyle posts nowadays, especially because I don't really change up my makeup that much so I can run out of things to talk about pretty easily.. Hopefully you aren't finding it too boring but there are a lot more home decor posts to come as I'm about to move out of my halls and into a house, yaay! I can't wait to get new bedroom stuff, with a new colour scheme and have a proper cooker that doesn't burn everything so I can bake more, wooo!
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Monday, 21 April 2014

read and reviewed | The Husband's Secret #6

W.o.w - this book was one of the best I've read in a long time!

The Husband's Secret is a gripping and addictive story, about three women's lives, that are all entwined through one dramatic secret that must be kept a secret. Cecelia, a mother of 3, who thinks she knows her husband inside out, discovers a letter written by her husband to be read after he dies, but with the temptation too much, she opens it - but little does she know what's inside will change her life forever..and not for the good.. Tess believes her life is pretty close to perfect; a lovely husband, a beautiful little boy and a best friend that has been by her side for years but when the two people closest to her betray her in the worst way, how will she cope? Rachel has been grieving for her murdered daughter for years, and with no closure as to who it was in fact that killed her daughter, her life has become agony, and as she struggles to cope, she shuts out her son, becoming obsessed trying to find out exactly what happened to her little girl...

1 letter. 1 secret. 3 lives that will be changed forever...

I thought Liane Moriarty's writing of The Husband's secret was brilliant and witty, and from the moment I started reading I couldn't put this book down. Unusually with a book that follows multiple stories within it, all 3 character's plots were really interesting, and I constantly wanted to know what happened next to each woman. It's not the happiest of books, and I do recommend having a couple of tissues close by, but it's an easy, light read with short chapters and well developed characters.

I really enjoyed this book, and give it a 5/5.

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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Day in the Life | Yorkshire Wildlife Park


So last Monday, my dad and stepmum had a rare day off work, and with such nice weather it would've been a waste to stay inside, so a trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park entailed. Yorkshire Wildlife Park, is only 20mins down the road from us but we've never been before just because where we live, isn't the most exciting place in the world, so I'm not sure we can actually accept that there is somewhere that is so good, so close.

I was basically expecting small animals, nothing hugely exciting, maybe the odd meerkat or two, so when we actually got there and started walking around, it was really amazing to see proper zoo animals! I think something that is really important about this wildlife park is that all the animals seem so content and happy, with huge open spaces to roam around in, and not a single breed of animals was kept enclosed in cages at all, something that the likes of Chester and Twycross Zoo should take not of IMO. It was weird to be allowed to walk through some enclosures too, such as the wallabies, where in other places you can just look through the fencing, so to see animals just running above your head or across your feet, was so good(well I actually was pooing my pants but I'm sure some people liked it..!)

Meerkats sunbathing..
Baboon Enclosure

One of the ugliest animals on the planet.. Camels

Thankfully the tiger enclosure was very far away and very secure..

Looove this picture!

If you live nearby, or fancy a road trip, I definitely recommend taking a trip here and supporting all their good work - they're even working on a polar bear enclosure at the moment, which will be amazing!

Sorry for some of the blurry photos..

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

What To Take To University - Checklist

I personally found these posts really useful last year when everything was overwhelming and scary so I thought I'd list the things that I found most useful/necessary living in halls...
Quote that sums up university so so well..
Bathroom - I had an ensuite which I absolutely loved, and is definitely worth paying slightly more for.. Noone wants someone else's hair clogging up the plughole, eeewwww..

- Towels - min 2 and I wouldn't recommend white..
- Bath mat
- Toilet brush
- Toothbrush holder
- Soap dispenser
- Little bin
- Cleaning products - wipes(just useful to have), anti bacterial wipes, bleach, air freshener
- Toilet roll

Kitchen - Be prepared for cutlery to go missing, and washing up to be the bane of your life..
- Plates
- Cutlery - preferably with a pattern/colour so you know which are yours..
- Frying pan
- Sauce pan
- Wok
- Cheese grater
- Wooden spoons
- Spatulas
- Scissors
- Bottle opener
- Tin opener
- Sieve
- Chopping board
- Mugs - I bought way, way way too many.. Soo many cute ones though!
- Knife block
- Toastie maker
- Kettle/toaster - but check with your flatmates first, if you stalk find them on Facebook beforehand..
- Pot to put cutlery/cooking utensils in
- Necessities - kitchen roll, washing up liquid, scourer, cloths, tea towels

Bedroom - Ok, so your room is going to be preeetty basic and to be honest, there isn't a huge amount to work with but, there are a few ways to personalise it a little..

- Duvet/bed sheets/duvet covers(minimum of 2)
- Pillows/covers
- Mattress topper - without one, my bed was basically like sleeping on a piece of wood..
- Rug
- 1 lamp for bedside table and I also had a desk lamp too, not essential but I hate my main light, I feel like I'm in a hospital room when I have it on
- Cushions
- Blankets
- Laundry basket
- Alarm clock
- Fairy lights
- Shoe rack
- Hook rack to hang coats etc
- Cute little home decor bits to spruce it up a little and make it feel like home
- Photographs - I have photographs everywhere, they break up the bland walls and help remind you of home when you're feeling down
- Storage drawers - I have a plastic 3 drawer set at the bottom of my wardrobe for pjs, socks, underwear etc because clothes space is seerrriousllyyy limited
- Door stop
- Printer
- Plug extension cable
- Curtains(not completely necessary but the ones that are already there may probably will, be hideous..)
- Ethernet cable - check your accommodation to see if they have wifi because clearly some of them think we're still living in the 1990's..

Miscellaneous -
- Blutack
- Batteries
- Plastic wallets
- Folders
- Pens/pencils/highlighters
- Drawing pins
- Posters
- Stapler
- Holepunch
- USB stick

Things that I could've lived without -
- Mini kettle
- Mini fridge in room
- Printer - useful and glad I have it but moving to university is already expensive enough and this wasn't completely necessary
- Don't go too overboard in buying shit loads of storage before you go, I ended up with way too much. Just wait and see what you need.

Hope you found this useful!

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