Wednesday, 23 April 2014

April Shower Walk..

One of my favourite things to do when I'm back home from university, is to take my dog, Jess for a walk. As a labrador/collie cross, she has so much energy and thankfully, we live in the countryside, so she has the freedom to run around to her heart's content - even if that does mean she comes out with a yellow stained head after zipping through all the rape fields.. 
I also love the peace and quiet when we go out into the fields - no sirens, no car engines - just the odd squawking pheasant/duck that gets unsettled and then chased by a certain black dog... As silly as it sounds, it really clears my mind, with revision stress, money(or lack of it)problems; it just makes me so much less overwhelmed and mazzled by it all.
I'm loving doing more lifestyle posts nowadays, especially because I don't really change up my makeup that much so I can run out of things to talk about pretty easily.. Hopefully you aren't finding it too boring but there are a lot more home decor posts to come as I'm about to move out of my halls and into a house, yaay! I can't wait to get new bedroom stuff, with a new colour scheme and have a proper cooker that doesn't burn everything so I can bake more, wooo!
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