Sunday, 20 April 2014

Day in the Life | Yorkshire Wildlife Park


So last Monday, my dad and stepmum had a rare day off work, and with such nice weather it would've been a waste to stay inside, so a trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park entailed. Yorkshire Wildlife Park, is only 20mins down the road from us but we've never been before just because where we live, isn't the most exciting place in the world, so I'm not sure we can actually accept that there is somewhere that is so good, so close.

I was basically expecting small animals, nothing hugely exciting, maybe the odd meerkat or two, so when we actually got there and started walking around, it was really amazing to see proper zoo animals! I think something that is really important about this wildlife park is that all the animals seem so content and happy, with huge open spaces to roam around in, and not a single breed of animals was kept enclosed in cages at all, something that the likes of Chester and Twycross Zoo should take not of IMO. It was weird to be allowed to walk through some enclosures too, such as the wallabies, where in other places you can just look through the fencing, so to see animals just running above your head or across your feet, was so good(well I actually was pooing my pants but I'm sure some people liked it..!)

Meerkats sunbathing..
Baboon Enclosure

One of the ugliest animals on the planet.. Camels

Thankfully the tiger enclosure was very far away and very secure..

Looove this picture!

If you live nearby, or fancy a road trip, I definitely recommend taking a trip here and supporting all their good work - they're even working on a polar bear enclosure at the moment, which will be amazing!

Sorry for some of the blurry photos..

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