Tuesday, 15 April 2014

What To Take To University - Checklist

I personally found these posts really useful last year when everything was overwhelming and scary so I thought I'd list the things that I found most useful/necessary living in halls...
Quote that sums up university so so well..
Bathroom - I had an ensuite which I absolutely loved, and is definitely worth paying slightly more for.. Noone wants someone else's hair clogging up the plughole, eeewwww..

- Towels - min 2 and I wouldn't recommend white..
- Bath mat
- Toilet brush
- Toothbrush holder
- Soap dispenser
- Little bin
- Cleaning products - wipes(just useful to have), anti bacterial wipes, bleach, air freshener
- Toilet roll

Kitchen - Be prepared for cutlery to go missing, and washing up to be the bane of your life..
- Plates
- Cutlery - preferably with a pattern/colour so you know which are yours..
- Frying pan
- Sauce pan
- Wok
- Cheese grater
- Wooden spoons
- Spatulas
- Scissors
- Bottle opener
- Tin opener
- Sieve
- Chopping board
- Mugs - I bought way, way way too many.. Soo many cute ones though!
- Knife block
- Toastie maker
- Kettle/toaster - but check with your flatmates first, if you stalk find them on Facebook beforehand..
- Pot to put cutlery/cooking utensils in
- Necessities - kitchen roll, washing up liquid, scourer, cloths, tea towels

Bedroom - Ok, so your room is going to be preeetty basic and to be honest, there isn't a huge amount to work with but, there are a few ways to personalise it a little..

- Duvet/bed sheets/duvet covers(minimum of 2)
- Pillows/covers
- Mattress topper - without one, my bed was basically like sleeping on a piece of wood..
- Rug
- 1 lamp for bedside table and I also had a desk lamp too, not essential but I hate my main light, I feel like I'm in a hospital room when I have it on
- Cushions
- Blankets
- Laundry basket
- Alarm clock
- Fairy lights
- Shoe rack
- Hook rack to hang coats etc
- Cute little home decor bits to spruce it up a little and make it feel like home
- Photographs - I have photographs everywhere, they break up the bland walls and help remind you of home when you're feeling down
- Storage drawers - I have a plastic 3 drawer set at the bottom of my wardrobe for pjs, socks, underwear etc because clothes space is seerrriousllyyy limited
- Door stop
- Printer
- Plug extension cable
- Curtains(not completely necessary but the ones that are already there may probably will, be hideous..)
- Ethernet cable - check your accommodation to see if they have wifi because clearly some of them think we're still living in the 1990's..

Miscellaneous -
- Blutack
- Batteries
- Plastic wallets
- Folders
- Pens/pencils/highlighters
- Drawing pins
- Posters
- Stapler
- Holepunch
- USB stick

Things that I could've lived without -
- Mini kettle
- Mini fridge in room
- Printer - useful and glad I have it but moving to university is already expensive enough and this wasn't completely necessary
- Don't go too overboard in buying shit loads of storage before you go, I ended up with way too much. Just wait and see what you need.

Hope you found this useful!

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