Sunday, 4 May 2014

REVIEW | Rimmel Stay Blushed Liquid Cheek Tint Review

Cream blusher and I have had a tricky relationship for the past few years - how do I apply it? Can you even see it on my face? Not creamy enough.. Not natural looking.. etc etc. However, the moment that I tried the Rimmel 'Stay Blushed liquid cheek tint', I knew it was love and I was sold on it!

I have the shade ' 001 - Pop of pink' which is a warm, pretty pink which is subtle when applied and gives a healthy glow to the skin, the perfect every day shade. Its lightweight texture(which is no way a liquid by the way as the name suggests, it's more mousse like) makes it so easy to apply, blending in seamlessly to lift the skin.

The packaging is nothing to write home about - very small, simple and unnoticeable in shops but at a fantastic price of just £4.49, I would definitely give this cream blusher a try! (Especially with Boots' 3 for 2 offer on at the moment!)

Hope you're having a fab bank holiday weekend!

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  1. Sounds perfect! I like wearing light stuff in the summer time with no foundation or powder. Just a bit of this blusher will do nicely!

  2. I can imagine really liking this product, it sounds lovely! xo


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