Wednesday, 30 July 2014

a beauty of a purchase

I'm not sure a bag should bring this much joy into my life - I definitely need to get out more..

This is actually my first ever River Island bag - until recently I've often found a lot of them quite garish but if you rift through the fluorescent, multicoloured garments, there are a few absolute pearlers. Do you often find yourself justifying your purchases? I literally cannot buy one thing without trying to justify why it's a necessary buy! This bag was totally ok to buy because; I haven't actually got a large bag which can fit my uni work, macbook etc(so that means its an educational purchase right?), I haven't bought a bag in about a year so it was time and I need a bag to use as my hand luggage for my holiday which is so soon I want to do a little leap for joy! So don't you agree - I had to buy it really didn't I? I just didn't have a choice..

Sunday, 27 July 2014

why young people don't vote

We're seen as the dregs of society. We all have bad attitudes, bad work ethic and don't care about what happens in our country. Our generation has possibly one of the worst reputations there has ever been for young people, with students especially, seen as idle gits whose fulfilment's come from desperately scrambling a couple of quid together to get down to the SU for a pint. Recent articles I've read such as this by Oliver Hughes from the Independent(which has a fantastic student section FYI), this by Emma Gannon on girllostinthecity, and by far the best Ted Talks video by Rick Edwards(below), where he truly talks so much sense - I urge you to watch this, you won't regret it.

All 3 of these have really struck a cord with me because honestly, I hadn't even thought a huge amount about it until I came to university, I just didn't really understand the political system or who I'm meant to vote for, and every time I had tried to learn more, I'd turn on Question Time to see a pathetic bunch of middle aged MPs arguing, going tit for tat over irrelevant topics.

Young people are not lazy, we just don't understand. Why don't we understand? Because we're ignored. Young people do care - we volunteer and campaign, we discuss and debate, but how are we supposed to vote in a system in which we have little faith in and in which politicians involved do not care. Why would we care when we aren't cared about?

Politicans look after their own - they look after the people who vote for them, the old. I'm not suddenly going young vs old, and I also don't think that the whole entire universe should revolve around us because we are fabulous and great and 'reem'. Young people are expected not to vote, so a few wishy washy promises are made, and broken(I'm looking directly at you Nick Clegg) and we are therefore hit the hardest. Student fees are inexplicably high, welfare benefits for under 25s have been dramatically reduced; the list goes on and on...and on.

So what do we do? Do we just not vote and let politicians merrily carry on 'representing' us, as citizens in a supposedly democratic society? Do we close our eyes and tick the box we're closest, (because lets face it, they're all as bad as each other) so we can say we are voting? Or do we demand a change?

We are living in 2014 and yet we cannot vote online. We bank, we insert our debit card details into hundreds of thousands of sites, yet someone in the Houses of Parliament says that it may be unsecure and may lead to fraud? REALLY? Rick Edwards states that in a survey he carried out on twitter, 75% of 18-35 yr olds would vote if it was possible to do it online. Seventy five percent. How significant could that be in the general elections.

Another issue that needs to be addressed is the fact that we actually don't know where to start. What party represents what, which policies will affect me in positive way - and this needs to be told to us in  a factual, straight forward manner - no political, wishy washy crap that no one either understands or believes. There is nowhere that can do this properly - because remember, young people don't care.

Until 1992, over 60% of 18-24 year olds voted in the general elections, by 2010 this had dropped to 44% and in the most recent European and local elections, a mere 34% turned out to vote. This will drop further and further if politicians continue to ignore us, continue to stereotype us to the media as lazy and careless, until none of us vote at all. And then our children won't vote, and neither will our grandchildren and then what happens? 

We have a voice and it should be heard.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

recent purchases: Palmer's body products

For me, Palmer's body products are up there alongside my favourites; the scent is intense without being overpowering, the consistency is luxurious and rich without being sticky and heavy and the packaging is simple yet effective. For such fantastic products, the price tag is almost unbelievable with both the moisturiser and exfoliant under £4 - a bargain in anybody's eyes.

Our skin loves Vitamin E and the Palmer's products are full to the brim of the stuff; the creamy moisturiser especially, as the rich formula along with the cocoa scent lingers on the skin all day. I suffer from sensitive skin and at the moment my hands are really flaring up with eczema meaning that I'm struggling to find products which don't irritate it further - unbelievably, there are so many unnecessary ingredients in body products; I've even had to get rid of all of my Soap & Glory products after finding out they contain something that is particularly bad for eczema suffers *sobs*. These Palmer's products however, have worked an absolute dream, with it even proving one of it's main claims of 'softening, smoothing and relieving dry skin' to be 100% true.

These body products are such fantastic quality, especially in comparison with other drugstore brands of which I think the selection is pretty poor. The price is great, the quality is fab and the product itself is effective - what's not to love?

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

what i've bought recently: home decor

Recently, I have moved into a new house - leaving behind basic, cramped halls for a 3 storey house in Jesmond with 6 of my friends - it truly is amazing although maybe anything is compared to university accomodation.. It's been a strange transition, and has made me realise how much I had missed living in an actual house with space to move around(!) and the ability to personalise rooms, to really make them my/our own. With pay day round the corner, I still have things I want to get to put the finishing touches onto not only my room, but the kitchen and living room too however I thought today, I would show you the bits I've gotten so far...

White rose fairy lights - currently on sale for £7.99 - link

BHS grey throw - link
#GIRLBOSS - Sophia Amoruso - £10.49 - link

Flowers(came with vase) - TKMaxx -£5.99
Copenhagen candle in 'Fresh Linen - TKMaxx - £3.99
Yankee Candle in 'Under the palms' - birthday present, available in Clintons
Wired fairlights - from Country Living Xmas fayre

Elephant - local independent store
Journal - eBay - £12.99 - link

White cushion - Primark - £5 each

Plaque - birthday present

Have you bought any home decor recently? Link it below - I'd love to have a look.

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Friday, 18 July 2014

Growing Up..

Recently, whilst scrolling down my twitter feed and procrastinating on other social media platforms, I’ve seen an increasing amount of people utter the words, ‘I wish I was little again..’ or ‘I want to be a child again’. Now these people aren’t old, and not even close to being old enough to be in the midst of a midlife crisis yet - but instead are late teens(I’m not an adult, I can’t be an adult yet ok, I have one year left of ‘teen’ being at the end of my age and I intend to cherish it) and 20 somethings, who are beginning to realise that life isn’t all ice creams, Disney channel and playing Bulldog in the playground(can anyone remember that game – bless us..).

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