Wednesday, 30 July 2014

a beauty of a purchase

I'm not sure a bag should bring this much joy into my life - I definitely need to get out more..

This is actually my first ever River Island bag - until recently I've often found a lot of them quite garish but if you rift through the fluorescent, multicoloured garments, there are a few absolute pearlers. Do you often find yourself justifying your purchases? I literally cannot buy one thing without trying to justify why it's a necessary buy! This bag was totally ok to buy because; I haven't actually got a large bag which can fit my uni work, macbook etc(so that means its an educational purchase right?), I haven't bought a bag in about a year so it was time and I need a bag to use as my hand luggage for my holiday which is so soon I want to do a little leap for joy! So don't you agree - I had to buy it really didn't I? I just didn't have a choice..

1 comment:

  1. Of course you had to buy it! I seriously love large bags that fit all my school stuff. Its beautiful, too, so that makes it a definite must buy. :)


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