Saturday, 26 July 2014

recent purchases: Palmer's body products

For me, Palmer's body products are up there alongside my favourites; the scent is intense without being overpowering, the consistency is luxurious and rich without being sticky and heavy and the packaging is simple yet effective. For such fantastic products, the price tag is almost unbelievable with both the moisturiser and exfoliant under £4 - a bargain in anybody's eyes.

Our skin loves Vitamin E and the Palmer's products are full to the brim of the stuff; the creamy moisturiser especially, as the rich formula along with the cocoa scent lingers on the skin all day. I suffer from sensitive skin and at the moment my hands are really flaring up with eczema meaning that I'm struggling to find products which don't irritate it further - unbelievably, there are so many unnecessary ingredients in body products; I've even had to get rid of all of my Soap & Glory products after finding out they contain something that is particularly bad for eczema suffers *sobs*. These Palmer's products however, have worked an absolute dream, with it even proving one of it's main claims of 'softening, smoothing and relieving dry skin' to be 100% true.

These body products are such fantastic quality, especially in comparison with other drugstore brands of which I think the selection is pretty poor. The price is great, the quality is fab and the product itself is effective - what's not to love?

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