Wednesday, 13 August 2014

please don't let the digital era ever completely take over

Today, Company magazine closed. After 36 years, the doors are closing, the magazine stops being printed and we are told that it will now be exclusively online. Some of you may think, 'so?', some of you may not care because you never read it anyway but this isn't just solely about Company magazine, this is about the digital era taking over. I personally love Company magazine and believe that it's one of the few magazines that empower young girls, with content that is particularly supportive of bloggers(maybe one of the reasons why their sales have dropped so significantly over the past couple of years..), which is why it's so sad that it will no longer be on our shelves...

In 10 years, what if print magazines are no more? What if it becomes impossible to buy an actual book? What if we have to accept that the only way our children and grandchildren, are going to read, is through a piece of machinery? Imagine never knowing what it feels like to smell a brand new book, to sit down with a cup of tea and flick through a magazine or a newspaper - technology is taking over, and it simply doesn't sit right with me. It scares me.

Obviously, I love the internet - who doesn't! I love social media and online shopping, endless amounts of information at the click of a button, and of course, blogging - but I don't want this to be my life. I don't want there not to be an alternative. We miss so much of actual real life, being glued to our phones, taking pictures with the thought of not saving it to treasure for a later date, but to upload and see how many likes they can get on Instagram(guilty).

The digital era now, isn't actually a choice - it's just what we've been programmed to do. We get up, check twitter, get dressed, check instagram, check twitter, reply to a snapchat, check twitter again and repeat for the rest of the day. We wake unto social media and we go to bed with it. We so desperately tell ourselves that we're going to have a digital detox and read more books but it just doesn't happen because we have an addiction to the internet - we can't not check it in the fear of missing out on something that we've probably read every single day for the past year!

Apart from holidays, I never use my Kindle. I can't do it - it's just not the same. The satisfaction of turning that last page in a proper book, of seeing how far into the story you are, of physically holding someone's handiwork that they've produced through blood, sweat, a lot of tears and a few gallons of alcohol, is something that a Kindle can, and will never, compare with. I don't want to be 61% through a book(!!), I want to buy it, and physically hold it as I read it, drop it on my face a couple of times as I drift off to sleep and then when I've finished it, I want to put it on my shelf, feeling a small sense of pride that that's another one finished.

I want there to be an alternative to a screen. I want there to be an alternative to the internet. I want the choice of both - I want to use social media, and google things until my heart's content, but I also want to sit down at the end of a long day, whether it be in the bath, in bed or even on the commute home, and I want to read a book, a magazine, or maybe even a newspaper because nothing can beat it. Ever.

I don't want the digital era to ever completely, take over.

I'm going to press publish, close my laptop down, and go and start a new book...bliss.

Charlotte x

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