Saturday, 9 August 2014

the British tag


 1.   How many cups of tea do you have a day & how many sugars?

Summer or winter, hot or cold, I’ll have 3-4 a day. You simply cannot beat a cup of tea – unless it’s a cocktail, but even then it needs to be a good ‘un. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually don’t have sugar anymore; it took some serious training(I have a hard life..) but now I cannot drink it with even a grain of sugar in, ew, ew, ew.

2.       Favourite part of your roast -
The Yorkshire puddings without a doubt – I save them until last and then savour every delicious bite. Is it weird to say broccoli too? Can’t go wrong with a few greens.

3.       Favourite dunking biscuit -
This is difficult because there are many, many biscuits that are in contention for this but I’m going to go with a underrated choice of the custard cream. Seriously try it – it’s a taste sensation…
4.       Favourite quintessentially British pastime?
I actually love watching cricket – please don’t judge me – no but seriously I do love it, especially going to watch England play. I do think it’s literally the most English sport as well – what other sport do you get lunch AND tea all in the same day?
5.       Favourite word?
I don’t really have one? I do love ‘inconspicuous’ though – I just like saying it #thuglife

6.       Cockney rhyming slang?
Apple and pears is the genuinely the only one I know..
7.       Favourite sweet?
The Harrods’ rhubarb and custard ones are genuine pieces of heaven. Can’t go wrong with Haribo tangfastics either.

8.       What would your pub be called?
...I literally am the worst person with coming up with names ever, hence why my blog’s name has suddenly changed. I’m so awful at it it’s almost embarrassing so I’m not even going to put you through me trying to think of one –it may offend your eyes.

9.       Favourite shop/restaurant?
Topshop & Homesense(lol). Can I count Amazon too? I can’t get enough of it for books. I’m a complete foodie so it would almost be completely impossible for me to pick one single restaurant but a couple of favourites are Bella Italia and Jam Jars in Jesmond, Newcastle.

10.   What British song pop into your head?
Spice Girls – Wannabe because it’s my ultimate song. Nothing will ever compare. Annddd..the national anthem. I seriously love it! When the Commonwealth Games was on a few weeks ago, every time it came on I would find myself humming along…although we’ll forget I also found myself singing along to the Australian anthem too… Don’t even ask how I somehow know the tune, never mind the actual words to it, I truly cannot cope with myself sometimes...

11.   No1 British person?
K – Middy is the ultimate isn’t she. She’s just so classy and beaut  - I mean I know she has about 8567 stylists and hairdressers etc but no one can argue that her hair is the bomb.

12.   Marmite?
I tag - Maddy :)
Charlotte x


  1. I MUST do this post haha! I love it, Yorkie Puds are also my fave part of a roast :)

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    1. do it! it's so fun :) no problem, thanks for visiting mine xx


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