Sunday, 28 September 2014

what i've bought recently - mac products

So, pay day rolled around and after a week back at university, with exam and assignment dates thrown at me from all angles, I thought it was pretty necessary to take myself off to Mac and have a little treat... 

Matte bronzing powder - After using my friend's a few weeks back, this had been firmly put at the top of my 'need to buy for my health and wellbeing' list(after chocolate, obviously). The high street drug store's have a distinct lack of matte bronzers, I'm sure you will agree and due to the fact I don't actually want brown and gold glitter all over my cheeks, it has been a difficult task to try and find a suitable product. The Boirjois chocolate bronzer is certainly up there with one of the best budget cheek products I've ever tried, and if you don't want to fork out a small fortune for a high end bronzer, this is a safe bet for sure. The Mac bronzing powder in my eyes however, is completely worth it - without a hint of even the slightest shimmer, this matte bronzer is perfect for both contouring or applying as a blusher and is one of the longest lasting powders I've ever known! - £20

Blankety lipstick - Blankety is a soft beige pink shade, and with an amplified finish, is very opaque. It has a very creamy consistency and is not in the slightest bit drying - I know already, that this is going to be my go-to day time lipstick - the perfect nude. - £15.50

Mehr lipstick - Mehr is one of the best matte lipsticks I've tried - this cool toned pink is the perfect Autumn shade and is very versatile, with the ability to both wear it in the day and at night. As it's a matte formula, the lasting power is good, not great, with it requiring a re-application after around 3 hours. The shade is very 'Kylie Jenner' although unfortunately, it doesn't make you instantly look like her - I want my money back...! - £15.50

 What Mac products are currently on your wish list at the moment?

Charlotte x

Sunday, 21 September 2014

will sexist behaviour at universities ever end?

A recent survey carried out by NUS has found that more than half of female students identify “prevailing sexism, ‘laddism’ and a culture of harassment” at their universities. In a new era where feminist movements are rife across the country, with women’s organisations such as the Everyday Sexism Project highlighting the inappropriate and often, horrendous experiences that females endure on a daily basis, when will the grotesque ‘lad culture’ that swarms UK universities, begin its demise?

Now I'm not going to lie, I do indulge in the Daily Mail's sidebar of shame, 1) to see how beaut Kim K is looking that day, and have a quick cry into my cup of tea and 2) to see what inane celebrity drivel they have on offer that day, however when I clicked onto the website yesterday, the 'report' at the top of the page filled me with so much anger that I just had to write on here and let it aalll out...

In the article, which was reporting on lad culture at universities, it was shocking, and perhaps somewhat telling to find that the publication, amidst attempts to condemn vulgar and sexist behaviour, had actually found professionals that were not only excusing it, but blaming it, on females.

The quote reads:

'young men who attend them(universities such as Oxford, Cambridge etc) are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with being in direct competition with empowered young women in an ever-competitive world..' and finished it off with, 'this behaviour is a way of putting women back in their place. They are using sex and sexism to say, 'this is our turf - get off it'


So girls remember, the next time you are groped in a nightclub, are leered at or catcalled on the street, or are touched inappropriately, it's your fault because you aren't obeying men's orders of staying in the kitchen. The next time you're called a slag, a whore or bitch, don't be offended, and GOD, get a sense of humour, because it's only 'banter'. The next time you say 'no', yet he keeps on persisting, just do what he says because he's a little bit scared and a little bit intimidated of you because damn it, you might actually be just as clever as him...

Why are females always blamed for males sexist behaviour? Our skirts are too short, our tops are too low and we 'ask' for it by maybe wanting to dress up nicely. We live in a society where 'don't leave your drinks unattended' is instilled into us instead of being told 'don't drug people'; a society where if a poor girl gets raped, the first question entering some people's heads is, 'ah but how much had she had to drink?'. In a message written to the Everyday Sexism Project recently, the student heard a halls rep saying: ‘Getting spiked is lucky, it means someone really wants to get with you.’ Wow girls, bet you’re feeling so lucky hey!

Sexism is so disgustingly rife that many people don't even notice it anymore. We just accept it. The Sam Pepper video that was published last night was one of the most disgusting things I've seen in a long time. What has made men think that they have ownership over women's bodies, and the right to TOUCH us whenever and wherever they want too?

Girls - we are not slabs of meat, put on this earth for men's pleasure and we are certainly not at fault for wanting more from our lives than cooking, cleaning and breeding. The sooner men accept that we are career driven, empowered and strong, are not at university to be 'put back in our place', and deserve respect, the better. Don't put yourself in situations where you are uncomfortable just because it's been classed as banter for 'the lads', treat yourself with the class, respect and dignity that you deserve.

Boys - the next time you leer and shout obscenities at a girl, the next time you force yourself on a girl who is saying no, think about if that was your sister, your friend or even your mum - don't be part of a culture that denigrates, instead of respects, women.

Charlotte x

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

why is freshers week alcohol obsessive?

This time last year, I was a blubbering mess. I’m talking a chest heaving, tears streaming, nose running mess. Because I was a fresher – and an unhappy one at that.
One year on, I look back slightly embarrassed but very proud of how far I’ve come and how much I’ve grown as a person since then, but now that the next batch of fresher’s are waiting in the wings, ready for their time to shine, something just doesn’t sit right for me about the way that ‘Fresher’s Week’ is perceived.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like a good glass of wine, I love to get dressed up and no night for me is complete without my own personal rendition of ‘Survivor’ by Destiny’s Child but the idea of going out every single night for an entire week, expecting to get ‘mortal’ and being actively encouraged by an endless stream of promoters desperately trying to ram anyone they can into their club, to drink so much that you don’t know where you are…? No, that’s not my idea of fun.
Convinced I’ve turned into a premature granny? Ok, how about this…
If you were told to go out with a group of strangers, in a city that is completely alien to you, and get drunk, what would you say? I mean, if you have a brain it would be ‘no’, right? But that’s what fresher’s week is… Yes, that group of strangers are your flatmates but in that first week at university, as nice as they probably are and as close as you will probably become, they are still strangers. I'm not preaching to not drink any alcohol ever because it is poisonous and you will die - hey, I like a drink as much as the next person...but I have to be in the mood to, (because, y'know, a cup of tea, chocolate and my bed are pretty inviting too...) and I don't see why the first week of university HAS to revolve around drinking. Not one person yet has given me an adequate reason - all I hear are $$$ signs!
When you actually ask around, there are so many people that overall, didn't enjoy going out at night on freshers week - they just did it because 'that's what everyone does'. So where has it suddenly come from? 

I didn’t enjoy fresher’s week – I was homesick, I felt uncomfortable and I was taking part in nights out that I was told students in fresher’s week do and love and enjoy; yet I was just stood there, thinking ‘wtf am I doing here?’. There’s the saying ‘life starts at the end of your comfort zone’ and yes, that is very true, but do I want my life to be revolved around hugging a toilet basin, projectile vomiting after a shit night out? No. Do I want my life to involve Prosecco and cocktail nights, good food and good company? Yes please!
Go out for drinks, go out for food, have a cosy night in, or, go crazy and actually study for that degree you’re spending £27,000 on – but don’t feel like your first year has to revolve around going out 5 nights a week, pouring money(and bleach after all that vomit) down the drain because if you don’t want to, you don’t have too – and you know what? Your housemates probably don’t want to either!
All I'm saying is, don't feel pressurised or ashamed if you don't actually enjoy freshers week, and in fact do not want to become a living, breathing pint of lager. This is a monumental change in your life - it really is underestimated but the tears and panic phone calls to your parents will be worth it - man it's worth it a thousand times over. You're gonna love it.
Charlotte x

Monday, 1 September 2014

read and reviewed | my holiday reads #8

The Longest Holiday - Paige Toon (kindle edition)
About? After her husband breaks her heart, Laura is whisked away by her friends to Key West, Florida. Not looking for anything but time to lick her wounds, she never expected a new man to enter her life and have such a significant effect...but can a happy ending ever be that simple?

Even though I finished reading this over a week ago, it still genuinely makes me sad that it's over. Seriously. I think this is one of my all time favourite books - I just loved everything about it. I love how Paige Toon makes you connect so well with the characters in her stories - she really is a fantastic author and one of my all time faves. This book is the perfect summer read - it's just flawless, I absolutely loved it!          10/10

What a Girl Wants - Lindsey Kelk (kindle edition)
About? Tess is back in London with a choice to make. Settle down with Charlie - the man of her dreams who she has been madly in love with for 10 years? Or fly to Milan and take her chances on the moody and mysterious Nick Miller? (Difficult choice...)

As per, Lindsey Kelk smashes it - absolutely loved the sequel to About a Girl, it seriously didn't disappoint. A fabulous, hilarious, light hearted read that you simply just have to read. My only complaint is that the next book isn't out RIGHT THIS DAMN SECOND so I know exactly what happens and who she chooses(if she can ever make a single definite decision in her entire life that is, bless) p.s #teamnick          10/10

The Lemon Grove - Helen Walsh
About? A father, step mum, daughter and her boyfriend go on holiday and inappropriate feelings occur between two of the characters. 

I don't know if I'm missing something with this book but I seriously do not get the hype that has surrounded this at all. I read it in a day, but not because it was good, more the fact that I was just waiting for something to happen..but nothing really does?  The ending is shocking too - it definitely competes with Gone Girl and that's saying something. I was so disappointed because Helen Walsh's writing style is great however the plot was very poor. I feel like the story had a lot of potential but nothing really happened unfortunately.      2/10

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell
About? Two high school outsiders find friendship, love and understanding in each other as they muddle their way through teenage life.

Beautifully written, this book really is a lovely read. I think it's simplicity is what makes it such a good story, as well as the fact that it shows teenage life in a refreshing and truthful way, in which both characters have issues with themselves and their families, as they try to figure out who they are and what they want from life. I have to admit, it wasn't particularly my kind of book but I did enjoy it all the same - it was certainly something different. Rainbow Rowell showed first true love, with all its flaws and imperfections.          7/10

What books have you been reading recently? I've just finished Lucy in the Sky by Paige Toon and have just started another one of her books, Baby Be Mine...(I'm kiiind of loving her at the moment and kicking myself for leaving her unread novels on my book shelf to catch dust - why did I leave it so long?!)

Charlotte x

p.s a kindle just isn't the same as an actual book is it?

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