Tuesday, 21 October 2014

what kind of student are you?

Moving to university enables you to become your own person as you begin a journey to find out who you truly are. It can take weeks, months, even years to figure it out, to decide who it is you want to be known as and who you are content with. Some people never find it but some won't stop until they do.

Going to university, becoming a student - it changes you - even if you don't feel it. It enables you to dip your toe very slightly, into the world of adulthood, and whilst some embrace the lack of structure and the choice of attending lectures being completely their own, many throw themselves in completely, to everything university has to offer.

From sport to charity work, writing to dance - there couldn't possibly be a student out there who is unable to find something that appeals to them. It may be one of the only times in your life, where you are subject to such a vast array of groups and activities, of which are all chomping at the bit for you to become involved.

When Banana Moon contacted me, regarding the competition they are running, 'Study of the Student Species', I thought it was a really fun thing to be involved in. As I looked down through the list of different characters you may find at university, it was difficult to choose just one, as it became apparent that there were elements of myself in many of them.

I think, as many of the posts on this blog may suggest, I related most to the 'student activist' (although I would like to point out I have slightly less facial hair than the photo suggests...) species. It could maybe be said that I have quite a strong opinion about things, I love to talk and debate and discuss different viewpoints on topics. I think it's important to be passionate about things, to believe that your opinion could genuinely make a difference - because why wouldn't it?

Ideally, I'm the 'eat a lot of chocolate, pretend I'm mature enough to go for a couple of drinks yet end up hammered, wailing to Destiny's Child and in bed by 12' species of student, but for some reason, that didn't seem to be on the list...

This competition is open to all bloggers. To get involved and be in with a chance of winning a tablet and t-shirts from Banana Moon, simply write a post, stating which student you are most like and tweet the link, along with the #studentspecies tagline. For more information, click here

What kind of student are/were you?

Charlotte x

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