Saturday, 22 November 2014

Is Miliband's 'belief' enough?

‘I am willing to put up with whatever is thrown at me in order to fight for you’, Ed Miliband stated, whilst addressing an audience in, what many have suggested, a relaunch speech after a  particularly  dismal few weeks for the Labour leader.

As whispers from Westminster emerge of unrest and dissatisfaction amongst Labour MPs at his leadership, and polls suggesting just 13% of population believe he is ready to be Prime Minister, Miliband  delivered a passionate speech, urging us to believe he is on our side. In a clear and defiant manner, he stated that he, unlike the Tories, would represent the working people on zero hour contracts and affordable housing, would stand up to the banks and energy companies and would tackle immigration ‘fairly’.

Representing the working people is something that the Labour party have always stated they stand for. However, 1 sneering photograph by Labour MP Emily Thornberry this week, has put a rather large spanner in the works of a party in deep trouble. A sneer at the working class from Thornberry, has seen her resign, with many reports suggesting Miliband was absolutely furious - and so he should be. If he isn't already struggling to gain people's confidence in his abilities - with his 'relaunch' speech  a tell tale sign of a man desperate to reconnect with the working people -  the last thing he needs is to now be fighting for the votes of the people that the Labour party have always relied on - the working class. 

Fairness was something that the leader of the Labour party focussed on during his speech, as he told us he wants to become Prime Minister to change a ‘deeply unequal, deeply unfair’ country. It is a deeply unequal country isn't it, especially as the people running it are privately educated and upper class, without a clue of what it is really like to struggle, what it’s like to scrimp together enough money to put food on the table. As Miliband continually urges he is here to stand up for the working class, does he actually have any idea who they are and what it’s like? Is this why so many people are unconvinced he is the right man to lead the opposition party? For at least the Tories admit they haven’t got a clue…

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It is set to be one of closest general elections that there has perhaps ever been, with all 3 of the mainstream political parties in some kind of turmoil. Tory MPs are jumping ship to UKIP as if it’s sinking faster than the Titanic, the Labour leader is as popular as the infamous Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg has about as much chance as becoming Prime Minster as Russell Brand. It’s going to be a tightly fought battle, with perhaps just a defiant speech or popular policy, able to clinch the leadership.

The Labour party have serious problems that they must try to patch up and mend, with less than 6 months until the general election. Miliband has a lot of convincing to do, in order to assure people he is the man to lead our country but surely first, he needs to be honest with himself and with his peers, at exactly why the concern regarding his leadership has grown so significantly. After all, as the saying goes, ‘there’s no smoke without fire’ and is there anyone out there who CANNOT eat a BACON BUTTY properly apart from him? Is this just the media creating another pantomime villain or do the public still see him as the guy who stabbed his brother in the back, in order to fulfil his own ambitious dreams?

He says he’ll fight for ‘us’, he won’t give up or cry or anything. He has belief in himself and what he is doing.

But is he the only one that does?

Charlotte x

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