Monday, 3 November 2014

Monthly favourites

Before I start gabbling about things I've been loving this month, let's take a moment to appreciate my new blog design - I looove how simple and sleek it is and hopefully it will encourage me to post much more frequently!

1. ELLE magazine; Feminism issue - Technically this is the December edition but I've already made my way through this whacking edition and absolutely loved that it was full of such inspiring women, and men, who all fully support gender equality. Feminism and women's rights are something I feel really passionately about and the fact that such a successful magazine dedicated an entire edition to the topic is just amazing - and hopefully, a big step forward.

2. Estee Lauder double wear foundation - This is holy grail material. With just the smallest amount, it leaves a completely flawless finish, with no blemish, spot or dark circle on show. It does have a thick consistency and would not be ideal for those who like a natural look but for the winter especially, this full coverage foundation is just perfect. Even if you feel like an absolute zombie, at least with this little beauty, you won't look like one!

3. Muller Light greek style; coconut flavour - Holy shit, this is one of the best things I've ever tried.. If you like coconut, get your hands on this, especially as they're currently half price in most supermarkets!

4. Mug; from Paperchase - I have a slight problem when it comes to mugs(all the best saddest people do...). I really didn't need to buy a new one but I JUST NEED ALL THE MUGS ok, no judgement is welcome here.. No idea what it was about this one but I can't seem to leave Paperchase empty handed and without my bank account weeping, life..

What are your favourites of the month?

Charlotte x


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