Saturday, 21 February 2015

how to stay unorganised

If you want to read one of the  45688 posts flying around about how to stay organised, with helpful tips on how to always keep on top of every aspect of your life, don't read this...

Tips on how to stay completely unorganised and struggle to keep up with life:
1. Buy a diary to write down all of your appointments and social events. Realise you have no social life. Put the diary in a drawer to gather dust and throw it out in 11 months time when it goes out of date.

2. Convince yourself that you can remember any deadlines or important dates without writing anything down because you're an absolute mastermind. Forget them and be reminded by someone the night before. Cue breakdown.

3. Marvel at how put together people are in every way and sassily tell yourself you will be that person now, forever and always. Laugh, drink wine out of a mug and go to sleep with your make-up on.

4. Write down important information on post it notes. Lose the post it notes.

5. Get Netflix.

6. Read helpful tips on how to become organised and completely ignore them.

7. Describe yourself as spontaneous and carefree because you're so disgustingly unorganised its embarrassing.

8. Prioritise the fun, unimportant things you need to do that day, complete them in the next week or so and 'forget' about the rest.

9. Scroll through Twitter and Instagram 27 times a day and pretend you're doing it to keep up with current affairs.

10. Enter a long term relationship with your bed.

11. Never put clothes away - that's what the back of that chair in the corner is for.

12. Try and do 6 jobs at once, half heartedly complete 2, fail at the other 4 and give up.

13. Give up.



C x

P.s - Please ignore all of this advice.


  1. Ahah you're so hilarious :)

  2. This made me laugh a lot! Getting Netflix is definitely up there!! Lucy, xx


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