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10 reasons why you absolutely have to vote in the upcoming General Election

You may hear the word 'politics' and immediately switch off, because it's boring and for old people, right?


Personally, I am really interested in politics, despite at times it being so frustrating that I want to punch a wall really bloody hard and shout 'WILL YOU ACTUALLY EVER LISTEN TO ANY OF US', however I can completely understand why young people in particular, may have just given up even trying to 'get' it. 

A huge problem with young people and politics is accessibility to relevant, straight forward, clear information because despite the desperate cries of certain areas of the media screaming and shouting that 'young people don't care', we actually do. The work of Bite the Ballot over the last few months has been fantastic (if you haven't already looked at their website/youtube channel then I strongly advise you too) and has really shown that now more than ever, young people are engaged and passionate about politics.

But none of this means anything if you don't vote in the upcoming General Election on May 7th this year. 

Figures from 2010 General Election - Google Images
Here are 10 reasons why you absolutely HAVE to vote:

1. In the 2010 General Election, just 44% of 18-25 year olds voted. Young people's voices were not heard and this is kind of the reason that students are now paying tuition fees of £9,000. Politicians protect those that vote(old people) and they can basically screw over, (which I'm told is the official description used in Parliament by the way) those that don't because HEY, young people don't care about society do they so it serves them right... 

2. Do you want the NHS to keep being free? Or do you think it should be privatised? If you have an opinion on it, vote.

3. Do you want to buy a house in the next 10 years? Or do you agree with current house prices? If you have an opinion on it, vote.

4. Do you think cannabis should be legalised and drug use should not be a criminal offence? Or not? If you have an opinion on it, vote.

5. Do you enjoy paying tuition fees of £9,000 a year? I find it positively liberating that people two years older than me paid a fraction of what I do for the exact same qualification, don't you? No? Vote.

6. This election is set to be one of the closest there has ever been so every single vote counts. Your vote could be the difference between a Conservative or Labour government, a Conservative-UKIP coalition government (ew), a Labour-SNP coalition government(eek).. Who knows! How exciting!(I know I'm a geek, it's already been established a long time ago ok..).

7. We live in a democratic country! Yay! (Or do we?.. That's for another time) Make the most of it. Have your say. Vote!

8. Not to put a dampener on your day but people died so that we had the right to vote. I mean it's the least we can do really isn't it..

9.You have the ability to change people's lives with that one little piece of people which you fill in. 

10. As Rick Edwards says in his (very, very good) book, YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE. 

Please don't stay silent on May 7th this year, make your voice heard.

You want to read MORE you say? Well if you say so.. Here's my thoughts on 'why people don't vote'..

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  1. I'm kind of ashamed to admit that I've never, ever voted... despite being 22. It's only now that I'm really starting to take notice of politics and form opinions about what I want to see happening. What's put me off is a complete lack of education and information. I have pretty much no idea about how it actually works on polling day- and I like to think I'm a pretty bright person! But I'm put off by not knowing what to do or what to expect and I doubt I'm the only one feeling like this. I think the voting system needs to be made a bit more 'friendly' and a bit less 'scary'!

    Jennifer x
    (ps I do actually plan to vote in the upcoming general election though!)
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