Wednesday, 6 May 2015

General election ramble

So, the general election is tomorrow. Excited? No? NO? Slap on the wrists for you.

I actually am, albeit slightly hesitant that I'm going to be let down.

This election has made me angry and frustrated, made me laugh, made me (almost) want to cry but it's also made me engage with the issues that are currently facing this country. As someone who is voting for the first time, it's made me realise what I believe in, and the values that I have. I also got to meet Nicola Sturgeon with Sky's SUBC campaign, which was pretty great - I really respect her a lot and it's safe to say she is the only one who seems to have had a good and positive campaign. She actually answered questions that the group of 6 of us asked, taking the time to meet us before the Q&A at Sky and her answers to my questions made the headlines too! She has really cold hands FYI.

Those who know me will be able to vouch for the fact that I enjoy talking(ha!), enjoy debating topics ranging from Kardashians to politics, Taylor Swift's sassiness to sexism but actually, surprisingly, I've learnt to listen. If people have different opinions to me, I now actually listen to their point of view, and even if inwardly I'm imagining how good it would feel to maybe flick them on the forehead really hard, I don't.

This election has been confusing though. I was asked by The Guardian to answer a few questions about the election for a feature they are running tomorrow and the first question completely stumped me.

'Why did you choose to vote for the party you did?'

'Best out of a bad bunch' probably wasn't an acceptable answer was it? But what a sorry state of affairs that that is one of the first things that came to mind. Of course I believe fundamentally, in the values of the party I am going to vote for, but let's not kid ourselves, the choice is paltry. It's so frustrating how unrepresentative parliament is of our society. Even the man that tries his hardest to claim he's 'a man of the people' as he swigs on a pint and smokes a fag, is a privately educated, rich, white male. Yay for diversity.

Next question.

'Have you enjoyed this election'?

I really have. Despite the debates kind of making me want to give up on it altogether and just conform to the idea that young people don't care, I actually have enjoyed it. Not only has this election been the first time I have been eligible to vote, but surely this has been one, if not the, closest election there has perhaps ever been. No one, not even the party leaders, know what is going to happen tomorrow, although I think Ed and Dave can wave goodbye to their dream of winning a majority, in spite of how insistent they are that that's what they aiming for, bless. It's exciting though! And a little scary - the absolute chaos that is about to ensue will just be crazy. Let's just hope UKIP will finally be forgotten.

On a serious note, if you hadn't already realised, I believe voting is fundamentally important. Politics affects us all every single day and by voting, our voices can be heard. If you are registered to,(hang your head even further in shame if you aren't), take the time to go and vote tomorrow. Spoil your ballot, anything, but as Nike says, just do it.

I will be voting tomorrow and I hope you will be too.

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