Friday, 29 May 2015

Read and reviewed: Girl on the Train | Paula Hawkins

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you will have undoubtedly heard the hype surrounding Girl on the Train. I’m usually pretty wary when something is so hyped up because you come to expect so much that it almost becomes impossible for it to meet you’re the huge expectations you’ve placed on it *cough* Fault in their Stars.

Having said that, I just can’t help myself can I, so obviously I bought it anyway and succumbed to the fact I would be kicking myself in a few weeks’ time once I’d finished it.

But actually, it took only two days for me to devour this book because oh my god. This is good.

Rachel gets on the same train and does the same journey each day. Bitter, twisted and extremely dependant on alcohol, she needs this journey to watch what her life could’ve been, what her life was. When something happens to the couple she has been watching day in, day out as she travels past, she just can’t help herself – she has to get involved, she has to know what’s happening. Twists and turns, tears and struggles, the end result is the last thing she could ever have expected.

I often measure how much I enjoyed a book with the time it has taken for me to finish it. I know I’ve enjoyed reading something when I can’t put it down, can’t wait to pick it back up and just cannot go to bed without just reading ‘one more chapter’. If you were a tad disappointed by Gone Girl, you definitely won’t be with Girl on the Train.

One of my absolute bug bears with a book is when it takes me about 237432 pages to actually properly get into the story but not Girl on the Train. With the reader thrown straight into the midst of the main character’s trials and tribulations, I was immediately engrossed in the story. Some people prefer for the story to be told through the eyes of one character throughout, however I quite liked that each chapter was told from a different person’s perspective, with the change in voice adding a different element to the tale.

Fast paced, unsettling and creepy, Girl on the Train is everything you would want from a thriller and more.

Have you read this book? What did you think?

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