Sunday, 10 May 2015

Stop patronising the left - change can be made

The general election has been and gone and a majority Tory government have been elected.

Many may agree with my grandparent's reaction, 'We're ecstatic, the country has been saved!'.

Many may agree with my reaction, 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.'

Whatever you may think or feel, accepting that in a democratic election, a Tory government have been elected is important. It's also pretty necessary too, because, whether we like it or not, it's happened and will continue to happen for the next 5 years. Lucky us.

However this doesn't mean we give up, go home and switch on the Kardashians. I judge no one who votes for another party, different to the one I did (apart from UKIP, consider yourself judged). Coming from a family that all vote Conservative, I hear their views, I respect them but it's ok to disagree. It can often be that it is those too 'shy' to state they vote Conservative because of the 'self righteous' left, that pass the most judgement. Whatever your political standpoint may be, there is never a need to be patronising or undermine another's views. So no, we don't give up, we still have a voice and it can be heard.

Image from Twitter c/o Sam England
The protests held in London yesterday filled me with mixed emotions. I am in full support of expressing your unhappiness with decisions, to protest and campaign for what you believe is right, peacefully. I am aware that this is for the most part, what was happening yesterday however unfortunately, this will not be what is given any attention. To hear of a Women in War memorial being vandalised in the protests yesterday frankly, disgusted me. More than that though, it made me angry and frustrated because if anyone was listening to those yesterday, the disrespectful act of defacing such precious memorial statue, diminishes any effectiveness it may have been having.

For those who scoff at the idea of protesting, remember how you came to be given the opportunity to vote in the first place. Was it the establishment really truly caring about your opinion? No, it came from pressure from campaigners who had had enough.

So the protests of May 9th will now be remembered for the idiots used vandalism as their voice. But I believe these protests are a sign of things to come. I just hope and pray that people realise that change can come from your voice alone.

Violence and vandalism can never be, and will never be, the answer. You can care and make a difference peacefully.

Change can be made. Let's do it.


  1. I completely agree with this!
    I feel angry that these protests will now be remembered in relation to the vandalism that took place as, I think, the protests otherwise really showed how engaged we, as a society, are with what is going on and how we are taking up our right to have a voice and share our opinions.

  2. couldn't agree more, Emerald! Bizarre how some people think that because a decision has been made, it means that everyone has to be quiet and let them get on with it. At the end of the day, politicians work for us and so should have us as their priority, not the interests of banks/powerful corporations x


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