Tuesday, 5 May 2015

TRAVEL | Alpajarras Mountains and Malaga, Spain

You should never judge a book by it's cover, however when that judgement is rammed down your throat through every media outlet about how parts of Spain are just like 'England abroad', it becomes quite difficult to not steer clear. So when my lecturer at university announced that our course would be going to Malaga, I (ungratefully) let out an inward groan. 

However, it's true - you really should never judge a book by its cover because as it turns out, the media in England can actually be wrong, who knew! 

There for a week, we spent four days 3000 feet up in a beautiful rural village in the Alpajarras, called Laroles. With a population of just over 700, the village is peaceful, quaint and simple, with some of the most incredible views you could ever ask for. With just a couple of shops dotted around here and there, it was so nice to not hear the constant buzz of traffic and people, I swear even the noise the birds made was prettier - no squawking pigeons up in the mountains! 

After four days in Laroles, it was time to travel somewhere slightly different .....

...and after an 3 and half hour coach drive, we arrived in the city centre of Malaga. In my mind, I had conjured an image of a place that had very much altered for the demands of tourists, with everyone speaking English, the typical English breakfast on tap on every corner, but actually, I was very pleasantly surprised.

Not meaning to state the obvious, but it was so...Spanish! I was speaking to a lovely lady we met in her bar, and she was saying that actually, Malaga only becomes significantly aimed towards tourists in a certain area of the city, for a short time per year. She was maybe one of the first people we had met in Malaga that could speak fluent English which was so refreshing, and being the ignorant English person that I am, I found it surprising how few people did! It made me want to come back and start going to a Spanish speaking class which I haven't yet done but I will, maybe...

Tapas from THE best local vegetarian restaurant in Malaga.. Soo good and yes ok, it tasted better than it looks...

Where are you travelling this summer? I need ideas, help!

Charlotte x

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