Sunday, 7 June 2015

Eating in the NE: Cafe Royal

 Yep, another cafe review.. What can I say? I love eating out!

So, this time I headed for Cafe Royal to celebrate a friend's birthday. Breakfast was on the cards to get her day off to a flier and we decided to treat ourselves, with a trip to Cafe Royal in the heart of Newcastle city centre.

Despite arriving at just before 10am, the cafe was buzzing with activity - a tell tale sign of somewhere that is pretty damn good. We found a lovely little table tucked away near the window, with gorgeous flowers stood on the sill right next to us - I love the decor in this place, simple yet chic.

After chattering away, we got down to the difficult business of choosing what to order and I'm not exaggerating when I say this took possibly over 20mins. So. much. choice. It's actually quite unfair that it's seen as common practise to only order one dish - when did this become a rule and who made it up because I would like to have a very stern word with them???

Don't worry though, I did manage to finally pluck up the courage to decide what I wanted and, whilst drooling over the incredible cakes at the till area, I willingly gave over my debit card and placed my order. 

Seeing as I've become one of those people that just cannot function in the morning without a tea or coffee, my beverage of choice was a latte and yep, it hit the spot and got my day off to a pretty sweet start.

Obviously, the eggs benedict that was served pretty swiftly afterwards went down rather well too! It was quite possibly the best I've tried ever and hell, I have tried a lot, trust me.

As good as mine was, it didn't stop me getting food envy when my friend's orders came too because the pancakes in particular, looked heavenly! It also confirmed the fact that I would definitely be coming again, and again, and again, until I've sampled the entire menu. 

I love food, what can I say!

Friendly staff, great service and amazing food - I can't think of much else you would want, can you?

Where have you eaten recently? Let me know!

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