Monday, 1 June 2015

News with a twist #2


I hope everyone is enjoying the start to their week and aren't having too much of a miserable Monday!

Here is this week's super important, super factual news:

Daily Mail fail again
The Daily Mail seem to think, in their warped little minds, that people will be more outraged that ‘bloody migrants’ are disrupting British holidaymakers having a pint on the beach in Kos, than the fact that these ‘bloody migrants’ are having to take such desperate, life threatening measures to flee from death, starvation and war.

Boys threatened as girls included in video game
There have been some absolute lads on twitter crying about Fifa 16 including female football teams. Comments have poured into the EASportFifa account on Twitter because sport obviously isn’t for girls, no no no, it’s for ‘the lads’ with their beer and shit. Bless their little threatened socks.

Hateful Hopkins continues to think being nasty is cool
Katie Hopkins continues to be given a voice in British media The Sun, even though 99.9% of the population couldn’t give a teeny tiny little damn what she thinks. This time, she’s desperately attempting to troll journalists who have had the confidence to write articles about how body confident they are. How very dare them.

Bruce Jenner lives his own life
There has been much uproar regarding Bruce Jenner bravely stating that he is to make changes to become a woman, instead of, you know, letting people be who they want to be and getting on with their own lives.

Talent shows runs out of talent
Simon Cowell has still not given up and continues to flog a dead horse, with the Britain’s Got Talent live finals filling up ITV’s prime time slot this week. Everyone’s bored, everyone’s over it – Si, it’s time to stop.

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