Friday, 5 June 2015

Old Trews?

It’s not a secret that I used to love Russell Brand and his companion, ‘The Trews’. Unlike some people, I don’t go back on my word just because something doesn’t work out, so yes, I loved it and him and I’m glad I did.


As I sat and watched him try to explain himself, whining that ‘he got carried away in the moment’after backing Miliband to win the election just days before Labour's biggest loss ever, he completely undid all the work from the past year he had managed to do. There was no need to come out and explain. Labour, and Ed Miliband lost, and yes it might PAIN ME, to say that, but it happened and we get over it and life goes on. Some might say it takes a pretty big ego to think it was solely down to him that Labour lost but that’s not my biggest problem. His arrogance is part of his act, part of who he is and what he does. No, my problem is his ability to so easily go back on his word.

Unlike the Russ haters’ pre-election, I didn’t have a huge issue with him changing his mind on voting. Not a big deal for me as his stance on not voting was something I never agreed with and he’s a member of the public, he can vote, not vote – he can do as he pleases. My issue is what he’s done after the election.

Because you see, Russ had something good going. Something really good. And yet, a lot like his marriage to the babe of all babes, Katy Perry, he ruined it. Quickly. I feel like we were in the honeymoon stage in our relationship, and now, well now I’ve got to the stage where I want to boot him in the shins, shout at him and tell him to get out of my face.

He’s becoming increasingly similar to a child who, due to the arrival of a new baby brother or sister, begins to stomp their feet harder and scream louder, and at every opportunity, purely to get the attention back on him.

It’s a real shame because he had the potential to make a huge difference. He spoke sense, he spoke well, he spoke to the disenfranchised and made them engage once again. He actually became quite feared within the political landscape, as although he would rather marry Ed Miliband and put a high tax rate on big businesses than admit it, David Cameron became genuinely fearful that people were listening to someone saying that change is possible.

 But that’s past tense now. Since the election he seems to be desperately attempting to distance himself from the establishment and politics, turning increasingly to radical change and revolution. But actually, he’s becoming more and more of a joke. It’s actually like he’s almost lost his mind a little bit, with some of his suggestions - particularly regarding the Royal Family, being completely outrageous and stupidly ridiculous.

I won’t hear of people saying he’s always been ridiculous, because he has done a lot of good, a prime example being the New Era Estate. When he’s engaging in issues like that, he’s influential and it’s positive and people actually stood back and thought, hey, this guy is doing a really good job.

But not anymore. He’s undone all of that hard work, and whilst his youtube subscribers may continue to rise, his respect and credibility most certainly will not.

Russell, you’ve blown it.


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  1. The thing that annoyed me is he changed his stance and told people to vote AFTER the deadline to register to vote! You have to see Forgetting Ed Milliband


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