Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Products That Saved My Skin

If there's something we can all agree on in life, it is that your skin when you're a teenager, is not your friend.

I never had horrendously bad skin when I was younger, and if I'm completely honest, my main issue was probably my diet (ahem, a Magnum a day doesn't keep the spots away..) and the fact I probably drank enough water to barely keep a sparrow hydrated, never mind a growing human being.

As I grew up, I gradually began to not eat everything in sight, became friends with that thing called a cleanser and basically looked after my skin the way it should be, albeit on a budget. Despite this, I really, really struggled to find products that my skin didn't react to, and had a real issue with those little bumps and skin coloured spots which couldn't particularly be hidden. From Boots own brand, to Soap and Glory, Garnier to Liz Earle, nothing would clear them up, and if anything, it contributed even more to redness under the skin.

I have never felt super self conscious of my skin, although granted, I have worn makeup from the age of 14, and yes, I did go through the blue/hot pink eyeshadow stage. Yep, I went there and frankly, I'm very upset that teenagers nowadays go from young child to makeup as flawless as Kim K - the injustice of it.

Anyway, off track.

Fast forward a few years, blah blah, horrendous makeup mistakes, blah blah, skin not clearing up despite spending £17million on skincare products and we reach September 2014.

Having worked full time over the summer last year, I was at liberty to treat myself a little more often and so decided - it was time - to invest in my skin and go high end.

I'm aware high end doesn't always mean high quality (I'm looking at you YSL mascaras, I pay £25 for WHAT?) but with skincare, I was willing to take that risk and so after a little blog related research, I hedged my bets on the sensitive skin range from Clarins. 

Hit the jackpot, didn't I.

Clarin's Gentle Foaming Cleanser is designed specifically for sensitive and dry skin. With the consistency thick, rick and buttery, it moisturises as well as cleanses your face, leaving your skin soft, velvety and soothed. With the cleanser pretty much resembling a cream, it really does live up to its name of being gentle, and within a few days of using it, my skin was visibly clearer and less red. Fast forward nine months and, hormonal outbreaks aside(girl problems), and it's my saviour. I'll go as far even, to use my least favourite phrase in the world, and call it one of my 'holy grail' products. Smells fabulous too.

It's only over the last few years that I've realised just how important using a toner actually is. It's the moment where, after cleansing your face, thinking your skin is super clean and free of all makeup and dirt, you wipe over your skin with a toner and there's STILL all this foundation seeping out of your pores, like where does it come from???

Toners do scare me though. I find a lot I've tried, are really quite harsh and strip my skin, leaving it irritated and dry. The Extra Comfort Toning lotion is basically everything I need - it's gentle, cleans any remaining makeup from my face and is quick to use, bingo! 

Each time that I repurchase the cleanser and toner (twice since September - toner lasts longer), I have 'qualified' for free gifts and each time, I get the Gentle Eye Makeup remover because it's just so good. I know this seems pretty strange for some brands but people don't actually enjoy eye makeup removers that BURN YOUR RETINAS and finally, I've found one that doesn't! I love getting this little bottle too because it's so perfect for travelling around with. 

I'm currently testing out the two exfoliants, although I'm g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y falling in love with the face one - what skincare dreams are made of people. 

Basically what I'm trying to say is, if you have gentle, easily irritable skin, get yourself to Clarins. Pronto.

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