Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Top 10 | Pet peeves

So, picture this.

I'm on the train, and obviously, I always choose to reserve a seat in the quiet coach because, people. So, I'm sat there reading How to be both by Ali Harris(strange but good so far) and two women get on at the next stop and I swear to god, they spoke so incessantly for the entirety of the train journey that the only thing that stopped me from flicking them both on the forehead really really hard, was writing a list of things that really irritate me about people. I mean seriously, they even had wine, crisps and a CHEESE PLATTER.

Anyway, here are 10 things that really do grind. my. gears:

1. People who reserve and buy tickets in the quiet coach of a train and then insist on talking obnoxiously loudly through the entire journey.

2. People who are listening to music with their headphones so loudly that I can hear ever word of the song. Mate, just take your headphones out and let us all listen to it properly, we can hear it anyway, my god.

3. People who talk to you when they're in another room, so you quite obviously cannot hear them, and then they get annoyed when you say you can't hear them. (I'm looking at you, mum - stop this)

4. People who eat so loudly you can hear the food SQUELCH in their mouth. Vom.

5. People who have bonfires in their garden on a beautiful sunny day, so unless you dig the smokey aroma, you have to stay inside with your windows firmly closed. (Yes, I could leave the house and do something with my day but I don't want too, ok)

6. People who say 'I don't bitch about anyone'. Yes you do, everyone does.

7. People who walk really slowly but then speed up when you go to overtake them.


9. People who are still desperate to be in the 'popular group' years and years after leaving school.

10. People who post semi naked selfies on social media saying, 'omg I look so fat and ugly and horrific and spotty and pale.' We all know you wouldn't have posted it if you thought that, stop digging for compliments and instead, embrace that you like the photo of yourself.

This is for sure a cheaper form of therapy. I feel so free and alive.

ALSO, (just to try and maybe convince you that I'm not an entirely awful person), my sister has just started her own blog about student life, her travels etc and she has written a fabulous post on Caitlyn Jenner - please go and take a look!


  1. Great post! Totally agree about people walking slowly then speed up - that is super annoying.

    1. thank you! god i know, it's the most annoying thing x

  2. I very nearly wrote a similar post a few weeks ago while sitting on a train! I always sit in the quiet carriage because I like having a couple of hours of peace and quiet. A couple got on, took up four seats between themselves and chatted across the aisle. The guy was also watching some sort of sports match on his laptop and kept talking out loud! They both also had crisps and then chewing gum. Fortunately they got off earlier than I did so I got some peace eventually. I understand the need for a bit of a rant about this sometimes!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  3. These are all so true, especially #4. I can't stand listening to people chew loudly.


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